Homepage Mistakes To Avoid

The homepage is the most visited page of most websites. Most users know what to expect from a homepage. Just as you drive your car to the office without consciously thinking of the route, website users have come to expect some basic features that make navigating a website easy. Our Warrington web design team start any build with the homepage!

If you are looking to create a website for your business, make sure your Warrington web design agency does not experiment with the homepage so much so that it ends up alienating your visitors. Here’s a look at some common homepage mistakes that affect user experience.


Avoid loading your homepage with multiple graphics and messages. The more the options you provide, the higher the chances of your visitors being left confused. When there’s a lot of information to digest, lot of options to consider, it takes more to take a decision.

Boil your communication down to one message that you want to convey to the user. Avoid using sliders. Place one graphic that portrays your brand/products/services. When overburdened, or confused, the users will most likely exit your website. And that’s the last thing you want. Our Warrington web design team will create a clear, focused layout to minimise bounce rates on your homepage.

Missing Call To Action

This is one mistake that will cost you dearly. You are getting visitors. They are landing up on your homepage, they are impressed, and they scroll down your homepage to know more about you, and then…Then what? What action do you want your visitors to take? Place a strong call to action that directs them to take action, to move further down the sales funnel. A call to action is a big, bold button placed on your homepage. It could be a newsletter subscription form, a button to take the user to the contact page, or your phone number so users can call you. Your Warrington web design agency will work with you to create a strong call to action for the homepage.

Not Optimised For Local SEO

Today, more people access websites on smartphones than on desktops. Moreover, people are looking for a specific business when doing a local search. So make sure your homepage is optimised for local SEO. Make sure your homepage displays the following info:

• Names, address and phone number on the top right section of your homepage. This is especially useful on smartphones because people don’t want to navigate much to find some simple information, especially on a mobile device.

• Your hours of business

• Optimise your homepage for the city, and state.

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