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How Can an Appetising Website Can Help Food and Drink Related Businesses?

If your business sells the commodity of food or drink, it is hugely important that when you display the items you sell- they look irresistibly appetising.

Business and marketing is becoming more and more online based as we move into the digital age, with businesses not willing to embrace the internet are being left by the wayside.

The first step in any sort of online or digital based marketing strategy is a well built website. Websites give businesses the opportunity to display their services, USP’s and much more on an easy to read platform. This is critical for businesses that sell food and beverages that want to attract more customers or guests.

A Web Design Agency That Can Help

Blue Whale Media is a web design agency that can help. Based in Warrington, we have been designing and building websites for businesses from a variety of backgrounds and industries.

We have a passion for helping businesses establish their presence online and have built websites for several different companies that sell food and beverage products and services.

We would like to share with you four websites that we have created relating to this industry.

Sweet Little Classics

Sweet Little Classics is a confectionary company that provides unique sweet cars for events. To market the company’s sweet cars, we needed an equally unique and fun website.

The graphic designers at Blue Whale Media had a lot of fun creating a colourful, sweet centric website with custom graphics and a great colour scheme.

The website has been made simple to use, with a page relating to each aspect of the business.

The website is integrated with the organisational accounts of Sweet Little Classics so visitors can easily jump from the website to the pages to stay up to date with the organisation and what it has to offer.

Whisky Collectables  

Whisky Collectables is a business that trades in rare and hard to come by whiskies. They needed a website that worked as an ecommerce so that they could sell whiskies online.

The ecom needed all the functions of a fully developed online store, allowing users to add to shop, add to basket process payments and much more.

As well as the website itself, the marketing department devised a blog strategy to promote the products and help with SEO.

Head over to their website to read the latest blog posts regarding the various whiskies and distilleries they stock.

The Boat House Rufford

The Boat house Rufford approached Blue Whale Media in need of a website to promote their quaint eating venue.

The Website needed to serve as first point of contact between would be guests and the eatery and so needed to look great, display their dishes and show any promotions currently available at The Boat House.

The graphic design team and web designers at Blue Whale Media worked together to create something really special.

The website has a warm and welcoming design and features such as a blog section where the latest offering available from The Boat House are displayed.

Nutrition Technician

The Nutrition Technician is a service that designs meal plans and recipes for those wanting to improve their health and lifestyle.

The website needed to be bright and colourful, full of imagery relating to the company’s service of health and well being.

The graphic design team along with the web designers at Blue Whale set out making a fun and colourful design to get users engaged and interested in healthy eating.

The various pages relate to the different services offered by The Nutrition Technician including a recipes page which the organisation regularly updates with their latest offerings.

So, now you’ve heard about the websites we have built, do you think your business could benefit from a visually engaging, responsive and functional website?

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