How Can Drone Footage Showcase Your Business?

If you’ve ever seen the opening titles to The Apprentice, you’ll know that aerial shots can be very effective. There’s something about a camera flying through the air – while majestic music plays in the background – that really captures the imagination. And it’s no wonder that many commercials use drones to film cars driving down long and scenic roads.

That’s why Blue Whale Media has invested in a drone with a high resolution camera attached to it. And one of our staff members is training to become a fully qualified drone pilot. Our in-house graphic designer Lewis is studying for the qualification awarded by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) that will allow him to fly a drone safely for commercial purposes.

So in this blog from our web design Warrington based agency, we’ll explain the many benefits of using drone footage to showcase your business.

Take to the skies

Would you like to show customers what your business looks like from the air? Such footage is suitable for many enterprises, such as hotels, golf courses, car lots or activity centres, because it gives you a chance to showcase your amazing grounds. Just imagine the camera sweeping over your environment, taking in all you have to offer in terms of space and views.

Drone footage is also perfect for offices, business parks and other commercial buildings. Maybe you’re someone who wants to entice entrepreneurs into a business park, for instance. Drone footage would certainly help persuade someone to give you a call. And it gives you a competitive edge over businesses that don’t have such aerial footage on their website.

Customers love videos

It’s worth remembering that 80 percent of 18 to 49 year-olds watch YouTube in an average month. And you’re 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if you have a video on your site. So it’s clear that customers respond well to videos. At our Warrington website design agency, we believe that drone footage will continue to grow in popularity. So now is the right time to get ahead of the game and have it on your site, or maybe incorporated into an existing video.

But what exactly are drones?

Drones are UAVs (unmanned air vehicles). Originally developed for the military, they are now offering businesses great opportunities. Apart from being used in the film industry, it is thought the future of drone applications will include things like the delivery of packages, wireless internet services and monitoring capabilities for conservation areas.

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So if you’re keen to see what drone footage can do for you, contact Blue Whale Media. Maybe your business wants to display its countryside or high tech location, or maybe your TV production company wants some extra drone help. Either way, we can use our drone to fly over premises and then edit together the footage for you.

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