How Does Google See Your Content?

Do you remember the first time you heard about Google? Do you remember saying, “What is this Google thing?” Then, were you impressed when you saw how it quickly trawled the Internet for comprehensive results? Of course you were. And we’re guessing you probably discovered Google soon after it emerged in 1998.

But how does Google actually view and assess your website? That’s a good question, and one we’re often asked at the Warrington web design agency Blue Whale Media, because knowing the answer helps you climb up the search rankings. So in this blog we’ll give you an outline of how Google works its magic and you’ll have a greater understanding of how content is essential to your place in the Google universe.

Google consists of three main elements: a crawler, an index and an algorithm. So let’s explain each of those…

Google crawler

This is a sophisticated program that is constantly crawling the Internet 24 hours a day and scanning websites by following links from one web page to the next.

The Index

As it crawls the Internet, Google saves your pages in a gigantic database called the Index. And if you make a change to your website, the new version will be saved in the Index. So the crawler will come around to your website more often the more changes you make and the more traffic you attract to your site.

But how do you get into the Index in the first place? This is where links are important, because to get yourself indexed you need to have a link from a website that is already indexed. Employing Blue Whale Media, the Warrington web design company, can help you here, because we can provide you with plenty of fresh content to keep the Google crawler coming back.

The secret algorithm

Google uses an algorithm, which is a closely guarded secret, to assemble its search results. This algorithm changes regularly and is something of a mystery to many people. But we do know that it responds well to certain SEO techniques, and if your content is good, with a decent amount of blogs, for instance, Google will reward you with a high ranking.

As we mentioned earlier, links are essential to Google seeing your website. These links can be either internal (coming from the same website) or external (from other websites). So, in short, the more links you have the better. But it’s important that your links are derived from “white hat” techniques. This means that you build those links through honest, organic searches. Unfortunately, there are some “black hat” methods out there, and this normally means buying links from disreputable websites. Naturally, we don’t endorse the latter practices in any respects.

But if you want to learn more about how we can optimise your site for Google, and the other search engines, get in touch today. We’re skilled at designing websites and SEO strategies to help you climb up the search rankings.

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