How Much Content Does a Homepage Need For SEO?

How Much Content Does a Homepage Need For SEO?

Search Engines are the best way to find and easily access what you need. But how do you make your webpage rank well and appear in search engine searches? Do you have a page, but it’s not ranked well? Are you gaining fewer visitors, and you’re having trouble with popularity and ranking? Worry not. We’re here to help you figure out how to rank high in search engine searches.

The most common question when it comes to SEO in Manchester is how to make your webpage rank well. We believe that, by far, the most important factor is content.  The quantity and the quality of content are what affect search engine rankings. Let’s have a look at the basics of SEO content.

Your homage content should at least be a minimum of 500 words

SEO-based content should always have as many words as possible. This is because it gives the scope to incorporate more keywords to rank well in searches. Although five hundred words seems a lot, trust us, it’s not a lot. When you follow proper structuring and come up with catchy sections, things get easier. 

The general rule to rank well in SEO to create content with as many keywords as possible. Expanding your website content by adding more words is the perfect first step to rank well. 

Keywords matter

If your homepage content amounts to about five hundred words minimum, there are more chances for you to add your keywords. But, do not overdo your keywords. Keep it organic, else it looks and sounds robotic. 

The length of your content should not be filled with unnecessary information. Try to always stay within your topic. 

Make sure you perform keyword research before you start to SEO-optimise your content. This allows you to ensure you are including the best keywords and you’re not trying to rank for the wrong search terms.

Does quality affect search engine rankings?

We get asked a lot whether quality matters more than quantity. Our answer is, both are equally important. While quantity will ensure proper utilisation of keywords, the quality is going to attract readers. By this, we mean that you should be avoiding filler and fluff languages as much as possible. 

If you want to rank well in search engine searches, your content should be on the topic. Do not stray and decorate your content with unnecessary embellishments. Write about what it is you’re conveying. If there are questions, do not beat around the bush. Address them head-on. 

We also like to think that borrowing content is never a good idea. You want your homepage or website to be unique. This is why your content should be original, although you can take inspiration from other sources. 

Make your visitor’s stay worthwhile

Making guests or visitors of your homepage stay on your page as dwell time. We strongly suggest you try everything in your might to increase the dwell time of your visitors. In recent years, dwell time is becoming an important ranking factor for websites. The longer they stay, the better you’ll rank.

A simple tip we can give you is to look out for your quality. Visitors are bound to stay on your page if your content caters to them. If your page doesn’t have the proper information or lacks any information at all that they need, they’re bound to exit your page and go to another. 

Do not bore your visitors with lengthy paragraphs

Five hundred words for a homepage is a lot. If you’re not using a proper format or design, you’re going to end up with visitors who’ll end up bored. The good thing is designing and SEO can go hand-in-hand.

What we can suggest is that you break up your word count into different categories, headings, and sections. This will make it more visually appealing and also easier to comprehend. Instead of writing five hundred or so words in just one compressed paragraph, break it up! By doing this, visitors are going to find the information that they need without any hassle.