How to shoot a video interview successfully.

Interviews are the staple of business video. Your best route to excellent video SEO is exciting, interesting and intriguing business videos.

Shooting a video interview can be challenging and you’ll usually only have one chance to get it right. So you’ll want to make sure that you’ve taken all the proper precautions in order to shoot a great interview.

Our Videography Warrington team have gathered some tried and tested tips on how to shoot a video interview:

Use your Talent Wisely

Some people are incredibly knowledgeable and sound great—but are not that interesting to watch. This isn’t an issue; you could use your director or CEO to be a voice-over for a more complex video. If you have five interviewees that aren’t fascinating in large doses, you can use their videos as snippets within one video. This will make it more engaging for your audience as they’re seeing more than one person within your video.


Your job is to make sure your interviewees give you all the information you need but in their own words. If you prepare before your interview, you’ll ask better questions and the more ideas you come in with, the better. The questions may be straight forward and already know the answer, but if you’re the one doing all the talking, your video won’t be engaging.

Ease Into it

Another great way to relax people is to start the interview slowly. Pointing a camera at someone who isn’t used to it can be pretty scary. Try to make small talk about helping them relax into the conversation.

Make it a Real Conversation

In a normal conversation, you respond to what the other person says, and this is an excellent way to interview your guest. Listen well and allow your natural curiosity to guide your questions, no matter if you weren’t planning on asking a specific question.


Videoing the interview and subject from different angles may require the use of several cameras, but this is so that the audience has a full view of the person being interviewed.

When an interview is conducted, only showing one side of the person could mean that the audience reacts to it by thinking that the person has something to hide.


Clean, crisp sound is crucial for an interview; if viewers can not understand what the subject is saying, they won’t watch. Shoot in a quiet location for the best results, and this applies to every microphone because it’ll pick up the unwanted background noise. However, removing background noise can be accomplished quite easily with your editing software. It is always best to do whatever you can before the interview to ensure that your sound is recorded as well as possible.

The people who will be watching your video might want to react to it positively, so ensure that it’s sharable on social platforms as well as your website.

At the end of the day, good content creation builds your brand and communicates your company’s message.