How To Choose The Best Domain Name

How To Choose The Best Domain Name

Getting a domain name can be tricky. It is something you would be stuck with unless you decide to change. Switching to a new domain name is not easy, and it comes with a price. It would affect your ranking, and you would lose visitors.  Make sure you get it right the first time by consulting a professional web design company in Warrington

Whatever business it may be, the brand name is something that people would recognise first. Similarly, for online marketing, the domain name plays a crucial role. 

Selecting a domain name extension

You will be tempted to choose a new and unique extension for your website. However, there is an ancient saying, “old is gold,” so stick with .com. The problem with newer extensions is that most people are not familiar with them. Even tech-savvy people would automatically type in .com first. With other extensions, you have the risk of not finding your website. For example, if your domain name was something like a, but your users type in .com at the end (, they will be redirected to an error message saying that the page is not available. You can always stick with .com or other extensions like .org, .net, etc.

Keyword domain

The keyword domain means adding keywords to your domain name. By doing this, it will help you with SEO. It is an ingenious way to raise traffic. Since there are so many websites, it isn’t easy to get the right domain name with keywords. You will have to dig deep and get creative.

Keeping it short and easy to remember

Keep in mind that your domain name is not for you but your users. You might have the urge to spam your domain name with keywords and make it lengthy, but this would only have a negative effect. The issue with this is that people won’t remember your site. Short domain names are more comfortable to type and remember. Also, keep in mind to have it easy to pronounce and spell, as it is your customers who’ll be sharing it while recommending it to their friends and relatives.

Avoid special characters Domain Name

In most cases, what happens is that other establishments take your domain names. You end up having to use special characters, like the hyphen, in your domain name. It could cause trouble, as most users don’t type unique symbols when they do random searches. They could land up in your competitor’s sites.

Take the help of Domain Name Generators. 

Millions of registered domain names already exist. Trying to find one which is not taken is a tall task. To do this, you need the help of domain name generator tools. These tools are free. They would offer suggestions instantly, saving you time and energy. You can use tools like Nameboy, IsItWP, Domain Wheel, WPBeginner, etc., to help you get your desired domain name.

As mentioned earlier, there are already millions of domain names that have been registered. Does this mean that you are less likely to land up with the right domain name? Well, it’s both a yes and a no. It is all to do with how creative you can be and how much research you plan on doing. Invest your time, and when you get something catchy, be quick to register your domain name.