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How To Choose The Right Colours For Your Website

Your website is defined by many factors – such as your layout and style of content writing. If you get these right, you will have a strong chance of converting visitors into customers. But what about the colours you choose? What role do they play in building trust with a consumer? And how can you make sure you select the right palette for your web pages?

These are tricky questions, because the perception of colour is so subjective. One person will tell you that red signifies love, for instance, while someone else will say it represents danger.

In this blog from Blue Whale Media, the Warrington web design agency, we’ll look at the role colour plays on a website. And we’ll highlight some ways colour selection can really help your business.

Spoilt For Choice

There’s now an incredible range of colours available to web designers. Remarkably, there are over 16 million colours to choose from. This number is a significant increase from the early days of the web. We started out with only 216 colours. With technological advances, we’re now in a world where we have a seemingly unlimited amount of choice. And there’s a large amount of subtle changes between the colours.

How Are Colours Made? 

When it comes to web design, the foundation of every colour is simply a mix of red, green or blue. But each of those three colours has 256 shades. So these can now be combined to create virtually every colour imaginable.

It is important to remember, however, that devices – such as tablets and phones – display colours slightly differently. So it’s essential that you check the look of your web pages on many platforms to be confident that you’re making the right choice for yourself.

At our web design Warrington based agency, this is the kind of advice we offer as we guide you through the process of choosing the right colours for your website.

The Symbolic Nature Of Colour

Have you ever noticed that the Facebook logo is blue? There’s a strong chance you have, but what does that colour mean to you? Research shows that it often conveys a sense of trust and authority. And in one study, 57 percent of men selected it as their favourite colour. It also happens to be the predominant colour used on the landing page for Blue Whale Media, the Warrington web design agency.

Perceptions of colour can change, however, depending on cultural backgrounds. Do you remember a HSBC advert that made this point? It highlighted how red represented good luck in China, while white was associated with death and mourning. In the UK, however, white is one of the main choices for wedding dresses.

Call Your Warrington Web Design Agency Today

When you think of orange, what company comes to mind? We’re guessing that you might say Easyjet. And that’s just one illustration of how a multinational can use one colour to help their brand. There are plenty of other examples, such as how Virgin uses red – for everything from its broadband services to its trains and planes. 

At Blue Whale Media, we can help you think about colours. So you can make an informed choice about how they are perceived by you and your clients. And your website will have exactly the right look for your profession or service.

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