How to get ready for 2020 Marketing

If you haven’t already completed your marketing work for 2019 you’re too late. But no fear, put 2019 to the back of your mind and move onto your 2020 plan.

Here at Blue Whale Media we wrap up (excuse the pun) all our 2019 marketing in October and focus all our effort from November onwards on the new year launch.

How do we structure our marketing?

Like most companies, we have a vast amount of marketing methods, from our website, magazine, leaflets, social media, videos etc.

It takes all the above methods to get noticed in today’s buzzing market, so we ensure we have everything ready for every event in the first quarter of the year.

Essentially, we have a three-month rolling marketing campaign. We prepare for January – March in October, November, December. April – June in January – March. July – September in April – June and the festive season from August onwards. This allows us three months to ensure that all our marketing material be prepared.

The dos and don’ts for Marketing around New Year

We have a lot of items that Launch in the New Year, but you don’t want to overload your marketing and then have nothing to keep people engaged in the latter months of the year.

If you were planning to launch a new website, I would suggest you either try and do it before Christmas, so your clients are surprised when they view it or leave it towards the end of January. This then allows everyone to get over the madness of the sales and then gives your company a fresh look heading into 2020.

The above really applies to most marketing in the new year. If you are a service-based business like us you tend to ease off and let retail have its moment in the first couple of weeks of January. This allows your customer and you the time to settle back in, catch up and reassess their needs. Once they have been given this time this is when you want to be on the radar.

The main result of not doing this, that we have found, is that you are essentially wasting your money. If you try and jump on the new year sale bandwagon it tends to get lost in the crowd and over the last few years, we have found that people have forgotten about your new year marketing by the time they jump back into action in the third week of January.

What do we have in place for New Year?

As said, we have really stripped this back this year, we aren’t ignoring it completely. We have still got our New Year sale which will last the first week of the year. We have Email Marketing in place, Social Media posts and some sales videos in place and ready to go.

We are also spending a lot of time over the next few weeks on our website. We do have a brand-new design coming midyear next year but we have also taken the time to add our new videos to the current design and bring it on point with the branding which we changed to earlier in 2019. But this is an ongoing task and isn’t specifically being done for the new year, we are taking it slow and making sure every page launched is perfect.


2020 no doubt will be another challenging year for all businesses and marketing can be just as challenging. We wish everyone a prosperous new year and 2020 and hope that should you need any marketing assistance you will choose Blue Whale Media Ltd to be your marketing partner.

Yours truly,

Stephanie Sweeney, Operations Director.

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