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How to Keep Your SEO Intact While You Redesign Your Website

While revamping your website is a rather important step in keeping it updated and fresh for the visitors and followers, there are some consequences that go along with it. When you redesign your website, you run the risk of also disrupting the SEO techniques that you applied on the site before the site renovation. You could lose important info, visitors, and worst of all, search engine rankings.

Luckily, Warrington Website Design is a web designing company that specializes not only in effective website architecture but also in overall digital marketing strategies of website. We can help in redesigning your website without destroying your SEO.

Techniques to Keep Your SEO Intact

Here are things you can do to preserve your SEO standing whilst having a website renovation:

Monitor Your SEO

The whole time that you’re working on your website, you must keep tabs on your SEO. There are a lot of SEO tools out there like Monitor Backlinks that can help you. You must always monitor the following:

  1. Keyword Rankings
  2. Traffic of the Website
  3. Alexa Global Score
  4. Backlinks Count
  5. Website Speed
  6. Spam Score
  7. Domain Authority

Make sure that all these are intact while you’re revamping your website.

Set Up a New Website Instead of Editing the Old One

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of webmasters make is editing the old website and putting up a “Website Under Maintenance” message. While this is a common practice, it runs the risk of losing visitors. Take note that revamping a site is a long process. Not only must you change the design, but you must also monitor SEO and make improvements to any changes. If you take too long doing that, customers are eventually going to forget about your website.

The better alternative is to keep your live website and work on another new one from behind the scenes. If you’re working on a new one, you’re not under any time pressure to please your visitors. You can take time making improvements on the bugs and SEO while your visitors are still on your old site. Once you’re done, then you can import everything to the new site.

Keep the Backlinks

Take note that your backlinks are very precious, and you must keep them intact at all cost. The best way to keep your backlinks is to monitor the popular ones and contact the webmaster of one by one. Notify them that you’ll be revamping your website. By informing them early on, you can coordinate with them on ensuring that your backlinks remain intact.

Enlist Help From Your Local Warrington Website Design Agency 

Of course, the best way to handle this is to enlist the help of your local website design agency. If you’re ready to do a whole revamp on your website, give us a call at our Warrington Website Design company.

Our designers and SEO specialists can help you monitor all aspects of your SEO and creatively revamp your website to make it look even more stunning than before.

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