How to make your blog posts more exciting

How to make your blog posts more exciting?

For most of us, business blogging is hard, especially when finding new ideas, doing the research and then actually writing the blog. It takes time, patience, strategy, consistency and perseverance.

Content marketing has become incredibly complex over the years and today, digitally-savvy consumers have become more attuned to content marketing tactics. To meet consumers growing demands and expectations of content, marketers need to continue to roll out new practices in order to excite consumers.

On that note, here are a few ideas and way to make your blog posts more exciting from our content marketers at Blue Whale Media:

Power of Video

A simple tip to make your blog more exciting and useful is to find ways to embed content into your posts, such as videos. Embedding videos in your blog posts is the most direct way to integrate your content marketing. Video marketing is a must-have piece of the marketing puzzle, as 80% of consumers watch product videos before completing a purchase. Videos can be an extraordinary, powerful tool when used as a content marketing feature.

Videos allow blog posts to become more dynamic and engaging; readers will feel more inclined to stop when they reach the video.

Multiple Images

Having an image within a blog post makes your content look visually appealing. Blogging is really about the images as much as it’s about the content.

It’s essential to use the right image in order to convey your brand’s message; images are a supporting tool that can take your content from bland to exciting. You could add images that support or explain what you’re talking about, which helps break up the continuous text.

Using multiple images throughout your blog gives each section something to break it up because the continuous text is just dull. That’s why adding multiple images into a blog can help boost your engagement.

Colour Palettes

A colour palette is one of the essential elements of your brand. Using consistent colours in your blog design, images, graphics and even your social media will go a long way to help create a memorable brand. Colours have a mood; for example, warm colours evoke outgoing, energetic and happy feelings. Colour palettes can positively impact each visitor’s evaluation of the blog and brand as a whole. Having a consistent, cohesive colour scheme helps people remember you.

Creative layouts of the text

People tend to skim blog posts before they decide to read it. You need to highlight your best information, so viewers can quickly see that your post is worth their time. Here are some ways of creating exciting layouts:

  • Bullet points are perfect for a blog because they’re effortless to skim through.
  • Another simple way to make your content easier to skim is to break up your text into short paragraphs — think one to four sentences, max.

This will help people easily pick out the main points from your blog post and not lose interest in what you’re writing about.

At the end of the day, your goal should be to produce better content than what’s already out there. Whether it’s through new layouts, intriguing colour palettes, or attractive images, you can figure out how to write a blog post that promises value to your readers.