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How To Write An Effective Value Proposition

Are you starting out in business and hoping to create an amazing website? If you are, you need to create a powerful value proposition. But what exactly does that mean? In simple terms, a value proposition is the first statement on your home page. And it should sell yourself, your company or your service. 

In this blog from Blue Whale Media, the web design Warrington based agency, we’ll explain process of creating a brilliant and effective value proposition.  

The Three Elements Of Your Value Proposition? 

A value proposition should be three things – credible, clear and concise. So let’s breakdown those three Cs and take a look at each one.

  • Credible – It should use appropriate and authoritative language that speaks to an ideal reader.
  • Clear – It should use words that are easy to understand, especially if you are appealing to the public.    
  • Concise – It should get your message across quickly. You’ve only got a few seconds to convince someone to stay on your site to learn more.

So How Do You Write Your Value Proposition?

At our Warrington web design agency, we can find exactly the right words for your website. These words will persuade your web visitors to take action and employ you or your service. 

But there are some general pointers that we can share, if you want to draft out a value proposition for yourself. The first thing we should explain is that a value proposition can be broken down into different parts – such as a headline, followed by a subheading and maybe three to five bullet points.

Let’s look at an example. The website for Purple Bricks uses the following headline: “Proper estate agents. No commission. No commisery.” That fits in perfectly with the three Cs we mentioned earlier. It’s a neat headline that immediately explains the company’s approach to business and its benefits. Plus, it has a touch of humour, because it has invented the word “commisery”, which is the feeling you get when you realise you’ve paid too much commission.

But it’s worth mentioning that a headline doesn’t have to be clever for it to be enticing. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “We are a trusted construction consultancy based in Cheshire,” for instance – if that’s what you are. A headline’s main goal is to explain your company’s purpose.  

Then you can expand upon your headline with subheadings, followed by a call to action, such as “request a quote”. Referring back to Purple Bricks, for example, their subheadings are “Instruct us to sell for £849 – £1,199 in London and surrounding areas”. And then they have a call to action saying, “Book a free valuation”.  You can then scroll down the page to learn more, but you’ve already been told quite a lot about the company’s benefits in just a few lines.

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