How To Write Persuasively

When content writing for your website, it helps to know a few marketing techniques that work well for an online audience.

If you already have a successful website, you’ll be familiar with many of these already. But don’t stop reading, because it’s always worth reminding yourself of the basics and who knows, you might learn something new.

In this blog from Blue Whale Media, the website design Warrington based agency, we’ll look at the psychological reasons why people buy products. And the role that language – especially online language – plays in persuading people to purchase from you.

The Power Of The Subtle Nod

Social psychologists have identified a human trait called The Consistency Principle. It states that people have a desire to stay consistent with what they’ve previously said. So if you can write statements that encourage customers to subconsciously say “yes”, or subtly nod their heads, then you’ve got a chance of closing a deal. 

So, for example, we could say to you, “Are you a business owner?” Yes. “Do you want a fantastic website?” Of course. “Well, call our Warrington web design agency!” Alright then.  

Selling Your Expertise

You need to convince your reader that you’re an expert in your chosen specialism. So how do you do that? Well, you tell them, with appropriate language.

If you’re a financial adviser, for instance, you will probably want to mention your years of experience, your qualifications and your accreditation from boards, such as the Financial Conduct Authority.

While you’re talking about yourself, however, it’s important to remember your customer. Your reader will be thinking things like, “What are the benefits for me? Why should I choose this company?” So it’s essential to keep that perspective in mind when writing your blogs or web pages.

Or maybe you want to employ an expert to write your content for you? Here at Blue Whale Media, the Warrington web design agency, we can help you with comprehensive content writing services.

The Emotional Connection

Many experienced sales executives will tell you that customers don’t use logic, they use emotion. But then they justify their buying decisions with logic, by saying things like, “This company is unique or better than the competition.”

So how do you make that emotional connection? Obviously, finding the right tone of voice for your audience is key. But it often helps if you use a conversational style in your writing. That means mixing up the length of your sentences. And writing like you speak. If you can do that, your reader will feel like they are listening to a friend.

Grab Them Early

In marketing terms, you need a clear value proposition on your home page. This is a statement that neatly sums up what you’re offering.

For instance, if a salesman knocks on your front door, your first thought is usually, “How can I get rid of this person?” But what if he says something like, “I’m from a local dairy – would you like us to deliver milk to your front door?” Immediately, you know what he wants and whether you’re interested. Your website needs to do a similar thing.

Our Warrington web design agency can help you achieve all this – and all your content writing goals. So email us on: [email protected] or call: 01925 552 050 

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