How Will Brexit Effect EU Designers?

On the 23rd of June, 2016, a referendum was held and votes were cast to determine whether the United Kingdom should continue being a member of the European Union or not. With a voter turnout of 71.8% (over 30 million voters), the majority (51.9%) voted for a leave while the minority (48.1%) voted for the UK to remain.

Though this came as a surprise to the world, the people who were affected directly were shocked. The referendum and the votes cast on this day greatly determined the fate of designers in the European Union. Brexit is anticipated to happen in the near future and does not seem to fade away despite having taken some time. According to Warrington web design, the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will affect the creative industries in several ways.

Reduced Free Movement Within The Industry

For a long period of time, the EU market has allowed free trade of goods and services as well as currency among European countries. This is a benefit that the UK designers have enjoyed for the many years of UK membership to EU. Players in the UK creative industries are worried that they might be locked out of free trade now that they have withdrawn their membership from the UN. This is an effect that will definitely be seen and felt in the designers’ industry including Warrington web design.

Creativity And Diversity

Free trade has contributed in great way growth of creativity and diversity in the industry especially among member countries of the EU. Players in the creative industry have ensured they are on top of the game by setting up consultancy offices in countries across the globe. This way, they have been sure of tapping the best talent and working closely with the best design studios in the world. The UK design industry is now at a risk of losing the good reputation it has had over the years. Brexit is anticipated to result in less creative, inclusive and diverse products as free trade and movement will be limited despite using Warrington web design.

Less Funding To The Creative Industry

UK’s membership to the EU has enabled players in the creative industry benefit from funding from various sources including grants and donations. According to Warrington web design, designers in the UK may suffer reduced access to funding which might greatly affect performance in the industry. It will not good to favour designers in any way.

Negative Impacts on The Intellectual Property Laws

For a long time, designers in the UK have enjoyed favourable design registration and intellectual property laws. They have been able to protect their creative ideas and their intellectual property rights from being infringed. “Designers in the UK are now worried and not sure whether the same laws will be enforced even after Brexit”, says the CEO. Designers can still use Warrington web design to market their products, but there is no way they can run away from Brexit effects.

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