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Website Design Hull.

As a long-time player and veteran in the web design industry and providing the best web design in Hull for a number of years, Blue Whale Media is the best choice for your business website design. The advantage of having a professional and refined website cannot be understated, and our team of website designers from Hull excels at delivering professional websites to local businesses. From pleasing aesthetics to responsive user experience, our sites deliver the best of the digital world to businesses in our region. Whether you need a feature-rich e-commerce platform or a simple brochure website, we go through every detail to deliver a website that suits your needs.

Our developers and web designers have a combined experience of more than five decades of contributing to the industry. From major multinational corporations to humble local startups, our skills have allowed us to serve our communities with innovation, creativity, and dedication.

Website Design Hull
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Website Design
Website Design
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Our Web Design Services.

Bespoke Websites

There’s no single standardised website that accurately represents every brand because of the variety of businesses we have today. At Blue Whale Media, we understand that there is a custom-made design for every business that can only be accessed by innovative minds. Today, we are proud to offer the skills and creativity required to harness that bespoke website design for your business.

Unique Solutions

At Blue Whale Media, we are convinced that each business brings a unique addition to the industry. This enriches the industry and the community gains as a whole. As we take up your project, we ensure that this uniqueness and value are translated into our designs, and in extension, your web presence.


Our Web Design Philosophy.

We have been a premium provider for the best websites in the Hull area for a long time, and the experience has given us a knack for delivering great results for both new and existing clients. When you sign up with us, we dedicate our best resources to fulfilling your requirements. With new websites, our developers work with you from the start till the very end to deliver the website you desire. For existing sites, our team can revisit design flaws, check maintenance issues, improve layout and navigation, etc.

Ours is an approach where the client’s requirements lie at the centre of the design process. And this partnership is maintained through healthy collaboration at every stage of the design and development process. Our team collaborates with you, the client, to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your requirements, your business, and your products. Once this is done, the different teams in the development process collaborate amongst themselves to create the website. Throughout the process, your requirements, and the uniqueness of your brand is translated into the design process.

Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process.

Creating quality engagement is one of the most sought-after qualities for any business online. It’s what retains clients and increases conversions. At Blue Whale Media, we develop insights on consumer behaviour, traffic patterns, etc. to create website and content that attracts and retains your visitors. These insights come through a number of ways, including improving navigation and internal linkages, connecting relevant content, pleasing visuals, etc.

Web Design Process
WordPress Web Design
Website Design

WordPress Experts in Hull.

WordPress is the CMSs which we work with the most because it suits most of our clients’ needs. When it first came out, this Content Management System was primarily seen as a blogging platform. But over the course of the last 17 years or so, it has grown into the most widely-used, feature-rich, and function-loaded system that we know today. Since its open-source, you get access to a rich collection of resources that are constantly updated with newer and better versions. WordPress is a favourite of many companies across the world, including our own local Hull web design company.




Google Reviews

We are rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 100+reviews

Web Design Packages.

Here are our 3 new web design packages for you to choose from.

4 Page Brochure Website – Standard

£495 +vat
90 day contract and production time

4 custom pages + 3 legal pages

Logo design (if needed)

Client to supply/undertake the below within 48 hours of sign up

Complete our welcome pack

Complete the Logo form (if needed)

Design phone call

Client to supply below within 14 days of design checklist being provided

All images

All content

Completed legals

Breakdown of Package:

Hosting & Support: £40 +VAT

4 Page Brochure Website – Gold

£1000 +vat
90 day contract and production time

Same as 4 page standard

3 Pages of content written

Photoshop design of each page (2 sets of amendments per page)

One Set of post-production design amendments per page

Client to supply/undertake the below within 48 days of sign up

Same as 4 page standard

Client to supply/undertake the below within 14 hours of sign up

We will then create the photoshop design for each page with latin content.

The client will work with the designer to finalise the designs (two sets of amendments per page

Once we have final designs the client will have a call with the content writer to go over the content for each page

Content sent to client to review in word and on the design (1 set of amendments to content)

Project will then be built by a designer & a live link sent to client for review

Client to revert final set of amendments for each page back to us within 48 hours

Client reviews final website

Breakdown of Package:

Hosting & Support: £40 +VAT

Retainer Websites

from £9,500 +vat
90 day contract

The size and complexity of the website will directly influence the costs involved with building the website*.

Websites built on a flexible open source platform that allows your site to grow and change with your business.

Custom amount of website pages with content written or current content rewritten.

Photoshop designs of each page with two sets of amendments, one set of post production design amendments per page.

Retainer websites are hand-built by our own in-house developers, retainer websites are superfast and of a bespoke design, like no other on the web.

As you add rich features such as images, videos and content, you can expect more leads and sales, but this comes with a higher build cost of course, sometimes two to three times this base cost.

A good lead generation website lasts around 2 years – so the cost including hosting often equates to around £500/mth over that time.

It is possible to build using off-the-shelf systems, but this approach does not generate the same visibility, leads or sales for your business or brand.

We perform top level security, maintenance and updates on a routine basis.

*Starting at £9,500, but price will vary depending on the spec of the website.

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