Why Should I Use WordPress?

Most clients have heard about WordPress is but many do not know the power of WordPress, and what it can do. Many customers ask the web design Warrington team: “How will a WordPress website help me?” followed by a variation of “Is it easy to use?”

So it’s time we explained why we WordPress is our web design Warrington team’s preferred CMS platform for content managed websites.

What Is WordPress? A Web design Warrington Agency Explains

WordPress is a content management system. It helps you to manage your website without the need for any technical expertise. You can easily add, manage or edit any page, blog post or media on your website. With thousands of plug-ins that are either free or cheap to license, you can enhance your website the way you like.

When Do We Use WordPress?

WooCommerce itself has a number of extensions available that you can freely make use of. These allow you to expand the functionality of your site and improve the administrative side of your store.

Customisation Options

Our web design Warrington experts recommend WordPress for all our clients. All the standard features of a website such as blog, gallery, contact form, home page, inner pages, are available on WordPress. No matter the feature you are looking for, WordPress has a plugin for it. From SEO to social media integration, from ecommerce to blogging, WordPress offers it all.

With an active community of plugin developers, WordPress offers all the advantages of a bespoke CMS without the high price tag. We are able to cut our costs and pass the savings directly to you.

Benefits Of WordPress For You

We hear many stories about web design companies that charge low upfront fees to get customers in, and then charging hefty fees for making even the simplest of changes to a website. That’s just bad at so many levels. Why should you have to pay for something that’s very simple and easy even for a lay person to do?

We build WordPress websites because it’s very easy to add and edit your pages. In fact, our web design Warrington team will show you how to use WordPress at the time of website launch.

When you are ready to take your website to the next level, say add ecommerce features, your WordPress website is ready for it. With ecommerce plugins accessible at the click of a button and the magic of our web design Warrington team, you can add new features to your website in no time.

So what are you waiting for?

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