The most important Google SEO updates

SEO is the best thing for all sites. However, some optimizations will need time for them to produce results although they are effective in the long run. Some optimizations, on the other hand, will work fast but end leaving your website in a bad situation than you started.

Some less knowledgeable webmasters think that SEO is not, but it’s the opposite. All you need is Warrington web design to help in SEO services. Currently, there have been countless changes with ranking algorithm since debut. In the past, no one was detecting possible methods that could push the low-quality sites to be among the top search results. Here are the Google SEO updates you must know.

Google Pigeon

In case you have dabbled in the local SEO, then you might be having an idea about the key factors involving. There are two algorithms which are for local search and traditional web search. With the help of this update, they can now work in a cooperative manner.

Google Panda

It is a logarithm that can strike you. It helps in evaluating the websites based on content quality. If your site has high-quality content, you will be rewarded with the highest ranking position. It happens vice versa. It will also determine how good you can be on the optimization of the website.

Google Penguin

Google penguin is another SEO update that might hit you. There are many common things between penguin and panda although it will evaluate websites for other factors. For backlinks, they affect your site’s ranking positively when placed on pages and contextually relating to linked pages.

Google Fred

These are the minor algorithm updates that people make every day. Fred is triggered by some factors like aggressive advertisement, poor user experience, and thin or low content. Some of these updates affect ranking so be careful to check your site.

Google Hummingbird

The purpose of this Google update was not to change on the way the website ranks directly. The objective of Hummingbird is to ensure it improves the search itself. It will help to interpret the user’s intent behind any query and maintain algorithm also return the most qualified pages. The entire context around keyword also becomes essential as the keywords.

Google Mobile-friendly Update

It is an update that came and caused a little stir. Even though it was scary, the sites didn’t burn and crash. Google aimed to make sure it has introduced a new ranking factor. It was user experience after viewing on small screens.

Due to this update innovation, it was spurred by an increase in searches that are conducted using mobile phones.

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