Important things you need to know about SSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a technological security feature which ensures that there is an encrypted link between the server and the various users of a website. According to Web Design Warrington, this feature creates trust and a good business environment through which clients transact their business online without the risk of losing their personal information to malicious cybercriminals. Technological advancements have however seen the SSL protocol replaced by the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) which pretty much performs the same function as SSL.

Ways in which the SSL certificate works

The SSL certificates have two sets of keys, one public and the other private. These two keys work hand in hand to establish the encrypted network through which the server and the browser communicate. Web Design Warrington confirms that when the user initiates a connection to the server, the private and public key interact to develop a session key. This session key is the one which will be used to encrypt the transfer of data, and it will be specific to that particular user for a specific period of time when the browser is actively engaging the server.

It is easy for the user to determine whether the site being accessed is secure or not. SSL protected websites have a green padlock icon which is located at the top of the browser. The green padlock icon can also be clicked on to further provide information about the holder and issuer of the certificate as well as settings for management of your SSL.

Reasons why your business requires an SSL certification

The use of SSL certification for secure transfer of information between the server and browsers is being used by Google as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking factor. Web Design Warrington believes that making the site secure will encourage trust among your existing and potential clientele and avoid browsers red flags which tend to scare people away. The easy online visibility coupled with consumer trust in your business will boost your sales and revenue which is very important for the survival and growth of your business.

The SSL certification also helps in the protection of data from hackers. The encryption of information by the various keys in the SSL protocol provides assurances to the user of the safety of their data. SSL provides their accredited websites with features which prove that the site is legitimate and secure to access. You will definitely notice that fraudulent sites which are a risk to sensitive personal information will not have the certification feature indicated by ‘https’ tipping you off of the potential risk in using such sites.

If payment for your business services or products is done online, then having an SSL certificate is one of the 12 requirements for satisfying the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance conditions. Web Design Warrington disclosed that PCI DSS was developed to manage and protect the account data from manipulation using the information provided online.

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