Important Website Elements for Service Based Businesses

Our Manchester website design team believe, owners of service-based businesses can make their websites impactful by giving importance to some strategic design elements. These design elements deliver an efficient website experience for your visitors and increase your chances of website conversion. A service-based business is one where there is no physical product to see, touch and sell. 

Businesses that deal in intangible commodities such as banking, writing and cleaning are some examples of service-based businesses. It can be more challenging to market your business online using a website as you do not have a product to showcase to your audience. A Manchester website design company experienced in service-based industry can enable you to make the most of your website through use strategic design elements. Here are some website elements that enable you to influence your audiences in a positive way and increase chances of visitor conversion:

A Clear Call-to-Action With Help From A Manchester Website Design Agency

A Call-to-Action or CTA suggests the next step for a visitor on your website. This could be:

  • Filling out a contact form
  • Downloading information products such as an e-book, brochure, videos or podcast
  • Reaching you through phone for more details
  • Subscribing to a free service

A clear CTA prevents confusion among visitors about what to do next. Include a CTA on every page of your website.

Accurate Service Information

Specify clearly the locations where your services are available, especially if your business is restricted to only certain areas. Imagine a visitor locating your business and ready to take the next step only to discover at last that your service is not available in his/ her area. Yes, it is highly frustrating for the visitor. It can severely affect your brand reputation too, if the visitor chooses to complain about the experience on social media! Optimising your website to specific locations can save you time and money that can otherwise be wasted on filtering out irrelevant audience. An experienced Manchester website design company can help you attract a highly targeted audience that is really looking for your services with a design optimised for required locations.

Consistent Display of Contact Details

Depending on the preferred mode of communication for your business, display a phone number or email address prominently. An important feature when it comes to contact details is consistency. A Manchester website design agency familiar with visitor psychology would recommend positioning contact details at the same spot on every webpage. This way, there are minimal chances of visitors missing your details.

Presence of Customer Testimonials

Let your existing customers speak for you. Visitors are more likely to believe others’ feedback about your services. Focus more on testimonials than annoying sales pitches, or content by your marketing department that keeps mentioning how good your service is.

Smarter and Easier Forms

Do away with forms with numerous fields. Instead, have shorter forms with very few fields asking only for the most relevant of details. Have forms that notify visitors about errors as they occur rather than displaying an error message at submission time, which is obviously frustrating at the least. Complement above efforts with regular feedback requests to visitors and acting upon their suggestions. To deliver the best website experience to your visitors, choose a professional Manchester website design service reputed for simple, clean and intelligent designs. Written by Blue Whale Media. Contact us for a free consultation on 01925 552 050.

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