Key Aspects Of Mobile Friendly Websites

The success of your website depends on a variety of factors. Our Liverpool web design team feel one very important factor, in today’s times, is mobile friendliness. The performance of your website, to a great extent, depends on whether it is mobile friendly or not. Here are some essential elements to evaluate when creating a mobile friendly website. Your Liverpool web design agency will consider these aspects, but it always helps if you know what you are getting.

Responsive Web Design By A Professional Liverpool Web design Agency

Today’s audience uses a variety of devices to stay connected to the Internet. They could be using a table, a smartphone, their laptop or even a big screen desktop. You can’t be creating a separate website for different screen sizes. The solution is to design a responsive website that adjusts itself to fit the size of the device the visitor is using. This results in a consistent experience no matter what device the user is using. In fact, the same user could have found your website on the desktop and at another time use his smartphone to look up your website, and have the same experience. This is possible when you have a responsive website. Make sure your Liverpool web design agency is creating a responsive design.

Big Buttons

How do you navigate a website on a mobile phone or a tablet? They have to use the touch feature. What does that mean for your website? The buttons must be big enough to ensure the user does not have to zoom in on the page to click the link. Similarly, there must be enough space between buttons to ensure the user doesn’t click the wrong button. Work with your Liverpool web design team to get these experiences right across all screen sizes, and you have a winner of a website.

Page Load Time

The loading speed of your website not only affects the user experience on mobile devices, but also has a bearing on your search engine rankings. So make sure your Liverpool web design agency works on getting the load time in acceptable range. Ready to grow your business online? Contact Blue Whale Media to see how we can help achieve your goals with a stunning website. Call 01925 552 050 to schedule a free consultation.

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