What It’s Like Working for a Web Design Agency

A web design agency requires a lot different people with a lot of skillsets, as well as a lot of perseverance and patience.

In this blog I’ll be talking about the positives and negatives of working at a web design agency, why I started working at a web design agency and the advice I would give to people who want to work for a web design agency.

A web design agency specialises in designing e-commerce or brochure sites of customers but can also include social media, graphic design and SEO services. A web design agency can have a range of different people working for it, from graphic designers to content writers, and in general offer a range of skills that can overall grow a business’s presence online.

Why I Wanted to Work at A Web Design Agency

What initially attracted me to the role is that I had worked for a digital marketing agency previously, my role at that agency had included working on the back end of websites so I knew a little about the process. I enjoy working in a creative environment and especially enjoy working with a team that meshes well together, Blue Whale Media is a very creative and friendly environment.

Positives of Working at A Web Design Agency

  • Seeing a customer’s ideas come to life
  • Watching a customer’s business grow and thrive
  • Seeing finished sites after seeing our team putting so much work into them
  • Seeing a customer’s online following increase
  • Hard work feels rewarding

Negatives of Working at A Web Design Agency  

  • Tasks can be time consuming
  • Lots and lots of work
  • Sometimes customers don’t give us all of the information we need
Advice I’d Give to Anyone Wanting to Work at A Web Design Agency 

I think the main thing is to have good time management skills, a lot of tasks can be time consuming so being able to manage your time successfully and get the most out of the time you have is an important skill.

Being able to work successfully in a team is also very important. A web design agency typically has a lot of different people doing a lot of different tasks, so the ability to communicate with others and work well with others is a must.

Would I Recommend Working with A Web Design Agency

If you enjoy working with a range of people and are okay with hard work, I would definitely recommend working at a web design agency. Although the work can sometimes be challenging, it is definitely very rewarding to watch a customer be happy with their new website, their social media or new logo.

If you are creative, I would also recommend working for a web design agency. Blue Whale Media customers can sometimes come to us with just a colour scheme and a fully functional website can be built from just that, so some degree of creativity is ideal if you want to work at a web design agency.