The Latest Updates from LinkedIn

LinkedIn it’s an evolving platform. It nearly adds new features and changes every month. But recently, LinkedIn has introduced a new feel and look to your page and a new pricing plan. These changes were aiming to make most people pay more or even pay at all.

The updates enhance what and how you can use various LinkedIn tools. You can engage a competent Web Design Warrington for advice on how to maximize these tools. If done well, it may enhance the quality of your personal brand.

If you want to maximize LinkedIn, read posts like this one. Also, stay up-to-date with its latest developments.

With LinkedIn, you’ll be able to: build your personal brand, build and nurture your network and measure success. But how do you do this?

Your Personal Brand

Add Media – Adding media- videos, photos, and documents- to your profile isn’t new. But the recent changes make multimedia enhancement more valuable to you.
For instance, if you add a media, you’re at liberty to choose where you want it to display.

Share Activity Update – The feature works the same as in the past version. But there are slight changes to its name, “What’s On Your Mind?” I don’t know why the change was made. Maybe to convince people to give more updates.

Blogging – Use LinkedIn to blog. It’s a great way to develop your personal brand. You can share your thoughts and insights with more than 330million people.

The recent changes make it possible to highlight any post you publish on your search results. With this, you are able to influence what people think about you in the field.

Build and Nurture Your Network

You Recently Visited – Well, not all changes include an addition. Some features like You Recently Visited has been removed. With this, you may not be able to see the profiles you’ve visited in the past.

Keep in Touch – With these changes, you can easily connect with your network members. For instance, you’ll find info on your network updates like profile changes, birthdays and new jobs.
It also gives you an option to like, comment or skips updates.

People You May Know – In the past, the feature pissed off most people. But the redesign has given it less prominence. Which is good news?
Now, you’ll get the list after going through the people on your network with updates. But to make sure you’re able to see it, they’ve added it to your activity feed.

Searching – Currently, LinkedIn is limiting free searches with a monthly cap. The purpose is to drive most people to premium versions. But with a good Web Design Warrington, you may not need to use LinkedIn. The results will still show on Google.

Measuring Success

The Web Design Warrington should help you monitor the success of your program. It needs to show you your progress. Are you making any success or you’re failing?

What’s the impact of Web Design Warrington on your brand? How many people are viewing and liking your content?

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