Changing Minds website build

Local businesses we’ve helped: Changing Minds 

Relying on word of mouth to find a business is still popular, but what do you do when the help you need is of a private nature? This is where Google comes into play; you’re more likely to have a search on the internet for a certain business. At Blue Whale Media, the process of building websites comes naturally to us, but one client we have recently helped is Changing Minds. They deliver high-quality psychological services across the nation to children, young people and adults.

Our Work 

We created a new website for Changing Minds, it has a unique design, but it highlights the brand awareness perfectly. This allows the company to become more approachable for clients; with a fresh appearance, the content is now laid out in a way that is appealing to the website visitor. The content for the website has also been rewritten, to enhance the overall brand image and ensure that website visitors get the information they need easily. The new website for Changing Minds Psychology Service is the perfect solution enabling them to showcase their services and what they offer.

Aesthetically, we made sure that headers displayed a unique blue-dot design on the side of each page. Heading continues with the design aesthetic of using white and translucent dots across various sections throughout the website. Colour gradients have been included on buttons within each page, starting with a light blue and blending into a medium blue shade. 

There have been many changes to the website. However, the most impressive has to be the uniquely curved buttons that utilise hover effects along with gradients used for buttons, starting with a light-blue and blending into a medium-blue shade throughout the website for user interactivity. 

Importance of Improved Website Content 

On-page content will directly impact the quality of the user experience; this is where your audience will need to find the content simply, read it, understand it and act on it quickly. If they cannot find the content they are looking for because your website isn’t layout out well, this is where you’ll fall down. At Blue Whale Media, if we rewrite website content for a client, we will review every page and then rewrite each page to ensure that it meets the usability and branding requirements. This allows us to evaluate what is valuable to the target audience and how the new content will fit with the website design

Why We Love Working With Local Businesses 

We live in such a digital world; it is more important than ever to have a website where people can find you. This is especially true for Changing Minds, they offer a personal psychology service to help people in Warrington and we have now given them a way to expand their reach within the market. A website can provide people with a place where they can seek help anonymously, plus it allows the business to help more people rather than their name being spread by word of mouth. 

If you’re a business in Warrington or the North West of England, why not contact Blue Whale Media today?