Local businesses we’ve helped: Friends of Meadowside

At Blue Whale Media, our team has worked hard on a project for Friends of Meadowside; they are a local charity to Warrington. In December 2020, the team collected items to be included in a food bank donation; we selected Friends of Meadowside. They then got in touch with us in January to become our charity of the year, and so our relationship began. 

Friends of Meadowside website build

Charity of the Year 2021. 

At Blue Whale Media, we select a charity each year to become our charity of the year. Included within this, we build a brochure website free of charge for that charity; the charity of the year for 2021 is Friends of Meadowside. They are a Warrington-based charity established to benefit community members struggling to cope without the bare essentials; the community centre has become the local hub of cultural enlightenment. The website for Friends of Meadowside highlights the work they do as a charity; the website design is unique, which helps the charity gain more visitors and raise awareness for the work they are doing as a charity. 

Our Work

A Blue Whale Media, we created a new website for our local charity, Friends of Meadowside, that is modern and designed a website; we created a new logo and rewrote the content included within the design. 

The overall website design and creation are unique, which helps the charity gain more visitors; however, a minimalistic does not distract from the important information. The ‘our ethos’ tab opens up when the user clicks on that section; we also included hover animations on the website menu and the buttons throughout the website, enhancing the user experience. We also included animation on page titles as another interactive element that adds to the overall user experience and helps users stay engaged when finding helpful information. The new website showcases many new features and changes in comparison to its previous design; the use of engaging hover animations on the menu tab and buttons, along with the use of an image slider on the homepage. While media on the page can draw attention away from the text, sliders put it all in one place to prevent distractions, resulting in keeping users engaged for longer.

Why We Love Working With Local Businesses

At Blue Whale Media, we have worked with a lot of local businesses and charities over the years, not just to design websites, but to also help raise awareness and money for good causes. We believe in giving back to the community we live within, especially for small businesses and charities, plus a lot of our staff are local to the area. Often, people will search for charities online, so, therefore, they must have a website that enables their charity to be discovered. Not only this, but people will be made aware of the work they are doing within the local community from their website and can then share that with friends or people they know. 

For more information or to become our charity for 2022, why not get in touch with Blue Whale Media today.