LA Doors website build

Local businesses we’ve helped: LA Doors

Having an online presence is more essential than ever when it comes to building your brand and increasing your credibility as a company in the local area. At Blue Whale Media, one of the local businesses we have created a website for is LA Doors; they provide specialist door installation and maintenance for a range of automatic doors in Warrington. Not only do they offer their services in the North West of England, but across the country as well, which is why they need to showcase their services on a website.

Our Work

At Blue Whale Media, we created a brand new website for LA Doors LTD, where the colour scheme revolves around the colours used in their new logo, which was designed by our graphics team. The new website is a perfect solution for them to engage more with their clients and attract more customers, especially when their brand identity is heightened. This new website now includes a live chat feature which helps the company build closer relationships with their clients and understand their requests for the products they offer.

Our local website development team included hover animation throughout the website to increase the engagement of the website visitors. Their services showcase who they are, so for La Doors LTD, we included a projects gallery so potential customers can see they are a trusted company. The new LA Doors It also has a new projects gallery, helping customers to see the work they have done previously. This is a brilliant aspect of a website because it helps clients know what to expect and envision how the finished product will look. 

Importance of a Services and Contact Us Page 

If you’re a business looking to showcase your services on a website, there are a few things you can do with your services page to attract more customers. Your services page is where your customers will find the features and benefits of what you are offering; for example, we have included all the different types of doors and entry solutions you provide on the LA Doors services page. 

Remember these bits of advice when putting together your Services page:

  • Use photos that relate to your target audience. 
  • Use bulleted lists and graphic representations to keep the prospect’s attention. 
  • Be detailed and expect questions asked to be asked about your services. 

This is where the customer will then take the next step, which could mean they will contact you via your contact us page. If you aim to add call-to-actions, this allows you to guide users or customers; they are also crucial because they give your users options to contact you via your contact us page. Plus, if you offer many ways to communicate with your customers, this will help your customers to trust you and make more purchase decisions. 

Why We Love Working With Local Businesses 

At Blue Whale Media, we are a small and local business and we know how difficult it can be living in the digital world; a website can make or break your business. You may not feel like a website can benefit your business if you constantly have customers coming to you for services. However, most people who want a service such as access doors or shutters are bound to give your business a Google from time to time. So, having a website means people can contact you quickly and easily. 

Websites benefit any business that offers valuable services, just like LA Doors, so if you need more information, why not get in touch with Blue Whale Media?