Make Your Showreel Stand Out

Want to showcase your amazing work in a video format? A showreel is exactly what you need! A showreel can allow you to explore your creativity and provide a professional feel to new clients. It’s a critical marketing material that can be used across multiple areas of your business including your website, social platforms, presentations and corporate events like business fairs. If you’re looking to create the perfect showreel, read our top tips to help you get started.

Blue Whale Media - Branding Showreel

Make it a portfolio

The best advice I can give you is to make your showreel more of a video portfolio. It’s easy to just include nice looking shots of your services/products but actually putting some thought into the process is a lot more technical and can really show your customers what you can do. Your customers want to evaluate your work from start to finish so in your showreel, show them the different aspects of the project so you’re displaying the ins and outs of what you do.

Explain what you did – visually!

With your showreel, you want to explain what you did for different projects but you want to make sure it’s all visual. With a video, people are viewing it for the visual aspect meaning you need to have videos, photos and animation throughout. You can include a variety of media from product showcasing, event footage, behind the scenes, on set filming etc. With videos like this, you also need to include sound, visuals effects and graphics to make it as eye-catching as possible 

Stick to brand guidelines

Something I would always recommend when creating a showreel is to do your research. Firstly, have a look at what your competitors are including in their showreel and secondly, research showreels that are outside of your industry for the purpose of design, look and feel. You might be attracted to the all singing all dancing videos but it is really important to stay true to your branding. Take a look through your brand guidelines and ensure that the showreel you are producing matches the vibe of your company so when customers are viewing it, they can recognise it is your company. 

Showcase your best work

This might sound like an obvious point but when creating your showreel, you only need to include your best work. Showing work that is old, old of date or not as high quality as other work does not need to be added – it’s pointless! I would always say with marketing, less is more and if you’re wanting to keep up with the latest trend then keeping it minimalistic with quality work is what you should be aiming for. If this is your first showreel then you might get excited and want to include everything and anything but avoid temptation. Your customers would rather see your highest quality of work than a lot of work that is just complete. Think of it as a competition – you only want to show your best aspects.

Creating your video

Now you have all our top tips to use, it’s time to actually plan and create the video. If you have the experts and tools already then you’re on your way but we understand that a lot of companies need the help of a creative agency. We’re here to help you produce the showreel you want! We’ve even included our own showreel below to show you just what we can do.

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