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Me and My New Job – By Sam Brown

I’m Sam and I am a Warrington Web Designer and Videographer at Blue Whale Media. In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors taking photos and making videos. I also have a passion for music and practicing the guitar.

My job mostly consists of making websites and videos for Blue Whale Media. Every day is different for me one day I could be making a website mobile responsive the next I could be shooting and editing a drone video. My job can be both independent and team based. I work closely with other web designers at Blue Whale Media to help problem solve and improve my knowledge and skills.

Before I joined Blue Whale Media I was an apprentice for a media production company that specialised in all round media including photography, videography, graphic design, web design etc. My job included all of this.

Having found my passion for web design and videography I decided I wanted to peruse a career in this and found Blue Whale Media. I am really happy with my new job as I can use my creative skills to help grow and establish businesses while doing something I enjoy with a team of creative and friendly experts.

Up to now, I have been creating websites for clients, a couple of which have already gone live! I have also been shooting corporate videos for Blue Whale Media and I am looking forward to editing some drone footage for a drone showreel. I am learning so much! Everyone at Blue Whale Media has welcomed me with open arms and I have made friends for life.

I am also being funded to embark on training courses I want to further improve my skills. So far I am learning to fly a drone for commercial footage and studying for my Unmanned Aircraft Qualification as well as other videography courses such as becoming certified in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What’s next? I hope to grow as a web designer and videographer with the business and continue to get involved in projects and produce creative and innovative websites and videos.

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