Mesmerise Your Visitors With A Parallax Website

The Warrington website design team believe a parallax scrolling is a great way to add some additional layer of visual pizzazz to your website. You may or may have not heard of this design trend, but more than likely you’d have seen it in action. Parallax brings in an awesome 3D effect to a website. Your Warrington website design team can help create a mesmerising effect using parallax scrolling.

What Is Parallax?  A Warrington Website Design Agency Explains

The word parallax, derived from Greek, may sound complicated. But the concept is pretty straight forward. Simply put, it is the effect created by moving the background image at a slower pace than the text/image in the foreground. As a result, the background moves at a slower rate than the foreground creating a dramatic effect. Parallax effects work best on long scroll websites. So if your website has long scrolling pages, your Warrington website design can implement this effect.

Take Your Visitors By Surprise

The parallax scrolling effect reveals some aspects of your page slowly. Your Warrington website design team will leverage this to surprise your visitors. The users can scroll to unravel surprises hidden within your website. You can take this up another notch by adding video to the background.

Highlight The Important Areas Of Your Page

Our Warrington website design experts believe that less is indeed more when it comes to parallax design. Reserve this effect to highlight the crucial parts of your webpage. Avoid using it all over your website. You could include subtle components in the foreground to take your users by surprise. Keep the parallax effect to some important areas of your website, and you will have highlighted the most important message of your website successfully. Your Warrington website design agency will discuss your requirements in detail to determine which sections of your webpage deserve this effect the most.

Grab Visitors’ Attention

Our attention span is short, to say the least. In that light, how do you grab the attention of your visitors to your content? Make the foreground text look like it’s floating on the top of your background. If there’s a lot of content to display, break up the text into sections to highlight the most important parts using parallax scrolling. Speak to your Warrington website design team for more ideas on using parallax effects to your advantage. Ready to start your website design project? Contact Blue Whale Media for a stunning parallax website. Contact us today on 01925 552050 now for a free consultation.

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