Most Common WordPress Website Problems

Most Common WordPress Website Problems

Having a WordPress website that functions appropriately is key to keeping your online marketing institution, afloat. No matter how well the website is made, issues will pop up over time. Here are some of the most common website problems.

Coding Issue

A website is all about coding. As you add more functions to your website, you will have to deal with more coding. The problem arises when the coding is disorganised. Messy coding can ruin the functionality of your website. It can even create issues and prevent the search engines from indexing your website content. Here are some of the errors which will pop up due to messy coding:

  • Faulty robot.txt files
  • Absence of a Sitemap File
  • Overuse of subfolders in URL Strings
  • Missing HTTPS 

Broken Links

When visitors click on a broken link, a 404 error page will pop up. As someone who wants to invest in your institution, this would be a red flag. Links on your site that don’t work anymore can be a nuisance and degrade your site’s popularity. Search engines will note your broken links, as these are signs that your website is not up to date and you need to contact a web designer in Warrington to fix it. 

Outdated Website Design

Your website is the first thing customers see about your store. If it is not attractive or user friendly, you will end up losing potential investors. The online marketing trend is on the rise. It is one reason why website designs keep on upgrading to meet the ever-increasing need. If you are stuck with a less appealing website both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, it will degrade your brand name. Some of the things you should avoid are:

  • Using low-resolution pictures
  • Complicated navigation system 
  • Using a pre-set theme, as sometimes it might not go with the image of your brand
  • Complicated forms

Delay while loading your site

Loading time is an integral part of a website experience. If your website takes a longer time to load, the chance is that your visitor will not come back to your site again. Many people don’t have the patience to wait. No matter how attractive or informative your page may be, it’s useless if it takes ages to load. You’ll lose valuable visitors. What this will do to your website is that it will ruin your bounce rate. 

The use of videos and animations can slow your loading time. Issues are also created when your website is not optimised for mobile devices. As most visitors are mobile users, you are better at optimising it to mobile phones. 

SEO Optimisation

Many people complain about not having visitors on their site. The issue here is Warrington SEO optimisation. Having a well-optimised SEO can get your site popped up in search engines when users type in specific keywords. When search engines locate your sites correctly, your SERP ranking will increase. Here are certain things you’ll have to keep in mind:

Together with SEO optimised keywords, add good content.


Remember that everything degrades with time. It is always good to keep your site up to date. Consult experts if you experience any problems. Doing this will not only keep your website in working condition but will also help boost your business.