My Work Experience Week At Blue Whale Media

This week I was sent to Blue Whale Media for my work experience, over the course of the week I have learnt some new skills like how to get a grasp of the basics of After Effects and how to edit and out products onto a website correctly.

Putting products on a website

On Tuesday, Calum taught me how I would edit products for a website and publish them to the website. I thought this was quite straight forward once explained to me although it took me a while to understand it and learn what everything meant. I also did this on Wednesday with products for Gentlemen’s Tonic products, I edited them and put them onto the website with help from Ben and from the experience the day before I found this to be kind of easy.

Scheduling statuses

On Thursday morning I did some social media scheduling for the Blue Whale Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I actually enjoyed doing this more than I thought because I understood what I was supposed to do and had an idea of what I was supposed to do before Eve explained it to me.

Creating a social media video

On Thursday afternoon I had to create videos for social media. I found this to be very difficult as I have never really had much experience with using After Effects, but Luke stayed with me and explained to me how it works and after a few tries I learned how to use it. I now have a little bit of an understanding of how After Effects works which I would say is a good thing because motion graphics is something I’d like to be able to learn about more.

Uploading video

On Friday morning I was given the task to upload videos to the Blue Whale Media YouTube page. I found this to be the easiest task I had been set all week as I already had an idea of how to upload videos to YouTube but the only thing that I found to be a little bit difficult would be coming up with the descriptions and tags because I have never really done stuff like that but I got an idea of what to write by looking at past video descriptions from there YouTube channel, and I would say that I have a very good understanding of how to upload videos to YouTube for the future if I need to do so.

My overall experience

Overall, I would say that my work experience at Blue Whale Media was very fun and exciting for me as it was good for me to get out and learn new skills in an environment that I have never really experienced on my own and was able to learn new skills that in the future I can improve on, in the future I also hope to be able to use the skills I have learned this week for a future career choice.

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