All You Need to Know About Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce software that enables you to build an online store easily. From choosing your storefront design to organising your inventory, integrating payment systems and managing your orders, Shopify makes all online store tasks easy and efficient.

Shopify is a web-based software. This means that you can use Shopify directly from a web browser instead of downloading and installing any software programme on your computer, a big advantage for many web designers, including our own web design Warrington team.

Whether you are using MacOS or Windows, Shopify is compatible with any operating system.

Shopify allows you to register a domain through the software itself. If you already have a domain name purchased from another provider, or have a website running, you can still use Shopify by integrating it into your system.

Whether you want to build an online store from scratch using Shopify, or integrate the ecommerce platform with your existing systems, hiring a professional web design agency makes the process efficient, quick and masterful.

Interesting Things you May not Know about Shopify 

Shopify was introduced in 2006. The company started off small with only 5 members working in a coffee shop. Today, the company has a 2000+ strong team working from across North America.

There are currently more than 500,000 online stores running on Shopify!

As of 2017, Shopify has witnessed a value of $40 billion in sales!

Shopify currently has offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, San Francisco and Waterloo.

Benefits of an Online Store Built on Shopify

You can sell products of any type, including digital and physical products on Shopify.

When you build your online store using Shopify, the entire backend work including website hosting, software and web server upgrading and maintenance, is taken care of by Shopify.

Your shoppers will not have to face frustrating experiences such as slow load time, slowdown of website access during heavy traffic, or a complex payment or checkout process. You need to only focus on customising your storefront, expanding your inventory and managing customer relations.

Security updates are automatically taken care of by Shopify, which enables you to provide a highly secure platform for your shoppers, always.

Data backup is carried out daily and is automatic. You don’t have to do it manually. So, you’ll always have your data at your fingertips, safe and secure.

Features like highly reliable and up-to-date security policies, enterprise-grade servers, regular backend maintenance, high-end server quality and use of technically-advanced data centre ensure that you maintain highest standards of data security always. This is crucial as online shopping involves storage of sensitive customer information such as bank and account number details.

Data is everything when it comes to an online store. Since Shopify is web-based, you’ll have your entire data in a single place – in the cloud. Data is not spread across different devices, which prevents the risk of breach in data security.

This data centralisation also ensures that key data is available to authorised personnel when needed. Make your decision-making process faster, insightful and efficient.

There is no location limit to data access with Shopify. No matter where your authorised executives are, they can access data easily as per demand.

Shopify supports different payment methods including cash on delivery, credit and debit cards, UPI and wallets. The software also supports region-specific payment systems.

Whether you have a global market or are focused on a highly local market, support for multiple payment systems will increase your shoppers’ convenience and enhance their store experience. Click here to view the complete list of payment gateways supported by Shopify.

Shopify has 1800+ apps for inventory management, marketing, shipping, customer service, and other ecommerce functions. 

If you want the storefront in a different language, you can do so with Shopify as the software supports multiple languages.

Shopify offers 24/7 customer support over different channels including phone, video tutorials, dedicated Shopify community, webinars and podcasts.

Tips to Make the Best Use of Shopify For Your Online Business

Test your store before launch to know if it matches your requirements and to gauge user experience on the store. Shopify offers an attractive free 14-day trial that you could make use of for this purpose.

Create a design that you believe in. Whether you are choosing a pre-built theme or creating from scratch, ensure that the design matches your vision. If you are unconvinced, so will be your shoppers!

Make the best use of Shopify’s multi-language support. Speak to customers in their language for greater impact. Deliver your store in local language to native customers and build a great rapport.

Choose themes that are mobile responsive so that you deliver the best experience for shoppers visiting your store from different mobile devices, including smartphones and tabs.

Why Hiring a Professional Shopify Agency is a Good Idea?

The technical expertise, including knowledge of HTML/CSS, offered by a professional agency is incomparable. While Shopify enables you to do many things on your own, an expert touch makes the difference between mediocre outcomes and outstanding results.

A professional agency specialising in Shopify can design a customised storefront from scratch, or customise existing templates to suit your vision. By enabling the right settings, a professional company gives your store highest standards of user-friendliness, product categorisation efficiency, order-placing ease, and payment reliability.

A smooth flow of processes, right from entry at the storefront to checkout means your shoppers will have an incredibly simple buying process and an outstanding shopping experience.

By integrating Shopify in a technically sound way, a web design agency paves way for a strong platform that works without any glitches. Sound integration also ensures that your website receives all crucial Shopify updates for highly smooth and secure store functioning.

A professional agency can help you choose the best Shopify apps or create one from scratch for your store, for enhanced customisation.

An expert agency can optimise your entire website for search engines so that your store has increased visibility.

With an expert agency doing the work, you can launch your online store faster.

Why Shopify is a Good Choice?

Great customisation capability, support for over 70 payment systems, mobile-friendly design, efficient tools for enhanced inventory management, better pricing, and great customer support, are key reasons for Shopify’s popularity.

Get down to building your best online store and realise your dreams, with Shopify!

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