The New Blue Whale Media Website                       

I’m Stephanie, one of the lead designers on the new Blue Whale Media website project. After nine months it finally went live on Friday. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am with the final product.

This was really a team project though. Eve our Marketing Executive and Lewis our Graphic designer had a huge input in the website helping choose the colours and fonts for the new website. Then there was Harry who created the amazing animated sliders and Toby who has wrote all the content for the website and Holli who created all the new blog images. All 800 of them. As I say, this was a labour of love for us all.

My favourite bit of the new Blue Whale Media Website 

That’s so hard to decide. So, my dogs feature on the new website, but I can’t choose them (even though I secretly love that bit) The portfolios have to be my favourite bit. I love the styling and the extensive information we have given prospective customers about all the projects we have worked on. We do however still have the best part of 200 more website portfolios to add to the site of our previous work, but these will be added to the website on a weekly basis until we are up to date. They are really cool though, each has its own custom form which can track who has enquired from it. This really helps us know what someone likes when the contact us if they were looking at one of our previous designs when they do so. We also have a clever text facility which send a text to people who complete a contact form. If you like the sound of these features, then give us a call now on 01925 552050.

Why did we split up the Blog section?

Well we found that most people are looking for a certain type of information. They are either looking for a website tips, or marketing tips or just want to know a little more about Blue Whale Media Ltd. We also like to give our clients a helping hand. Blue Whale Media’s website is ranked very well within google so for the customers that have marketing plans with us we like to feature news about them and link it back to their website to give their websites a boost. The tech section is a little something for us. As a Media agency we have to keep our fingers on the pulse with all the latest tech that’s coming to market and we like to share this with you.

What are the features that have been built into the new blue whale website?

Where do I start. I’ll work from the homepage through the website.

The homepage is stuffed with amazing features. The Request A Quote button on the left which runs through the whole website. This is a great way to add a call to action to a website without having to have a contact form on every page.

The we have the Facebook feed. Blue Whale Media is extremely active on social media. From running a competition, publishing ours and our client’s blogs to inspirational quotes and latest offers. It’s a great way to keep our 6000+ follows up to date.

Then we have the 360 videos of our brand-new offices. Blue Whale Media Ltd moved their website design agency to Birchwood, Warrington in June 2018. It’s much more modern than the previous offices and completely open plan. It’s great for a design agency because it means we can all work hand in hand easily. The 360 videos can help prospective customers see where we work and who they will be working with.

We have the Instagram feed. The Blue whale media team love to show off our work, be it new stationary, logos or even a birthday cake. Even the Blue Whale Media dogs feature from time to time.

Our live chat facility is manned five days a week 9am-5pm. It’s a great way to have an instant conversation with a member of the team.

Our Direct Debit feature allows customers to sign up and pay all their monthly bills. This is an easy and convenient way for our customers to schedule their payments.

We have a hiring page which pulls in all our job adverts that are up on indeed. You can even apply for one of our positions via the website.

Our website audit tool is a great way to see how your website is performing and can help us see how Blue Whale Media’s extremely experienced, highly trained and talented staff can help enhance your websites performance.

The we have our custom forms which track and retain all the information provided. We can see where the form was submitted from and when at any point in the future. It also feeds all the information into our email marketing systems, so we can send you further offers. You also get a personalised text when you complete the form.

Pretty nifty hey? We also have much more on the way from exit pop ups, newsletter sign up, product bundles and much more.

What is coming for Blue Whale Media in 2018?

Exciting things are on the way for the Blue Whale Media team. Part of the companies’ ethos is that we always continue learning. Every member of the team is on a course at the moment.

Lewis is becoming a certified drone pilot, which when he passes will enable us to offer spectacular drone footage. This will be great for caravan parks, car lots and much more. Keep your eyes on our blog for updates on this upcoming service.

Video footage, we now have a qualified videographer in the Blue Whale Media Team. We will be offering an add on to all our customers of us shooting and editing a short video for their website also. All prices and information will be announced in our blog first and then added to our products which you can buy online from the website.

Harry will be finishing his advance animation courses. This not only allows Blue Whale Media to create some amazing animations for ourselves, but also start creating animated logos and features for our websites. Harry will be writing his own blog on this amazing achievement and the features that can come from it shortly.

Our content writing department are getting their own website. We all know content can be difficult to create and Blue Whale Media can help. We have an extremely talented and creative team of writers who can help you with blogs, website copy, press releases, white papers and much more. We will be developing their website in the coming months and can’t wait to announce the launch.

We also have some new starters that are currently undertaking their certified SEO training. Whilst this isn’t a new product it will allow us to take on more SEO customers. This was something we have had to limit over the year as we are very selective who we will take on for SEO due to the task at hand for the team we have to ensure our customers are as committed as us to the Marketing Plan.

There is also so much more happening, but we can’t give away all our plans can we!

Why come to Blue Whale Media for your website design project?

There are many reasons as it shows on our website in our Why We Are Brilliant section. But I think the main reason is that as a family ran company we have a core value of never over promising. We will never tell you something will work unless we know it will. We will never tell you that you need something unless you actually need it. Unlike most agencies we will always send you an email every month with latest offers, things you need to know like new legislation or google updates. Most of this you may think is standard for every web design agency but in actual fact I can’t even tell you of another company that does that. At Blue Whale Media we have the ethos that we inform our customers but never make them do anything. This means you are always in control of your own destiny. Contact Blue Whale Media a web design agency based in Birchwood Warrington now on 01925 552050 or email us at [email protected].

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