How your non-responsive website is affecting your brand

How Your Non-Responsive Site Is Affecting Your Brand

As a business owner, you need to make a first great impression on your customers. You need to provide a top-tier customer experience because there is a lot at stake on the first visit. Both mobile phones and desktops are responsible for site interaction. However, mobile phones constitute 60% of the visits and are constantly growing. You need to keep up with your viewers. Your website should be easy to understand, and there should be easy navigation at all times.

Browsing and researching are constantly growing every day. But some businesses don’t make an effort to better their websites. So, many users end up having a bad experience from the get-go. In this way, many businesses lose potential customers. We will be discussing its importance today, including the risks that come with ignoring it.

Why You Need A Responsive Website

Responsive Web Design is necessary for all websites to boost and improve search and user experience. By possessing a solid responsive web design, your site will witness a positive impact on your search engine rankings. Google also encourages responsive web design for mobile optimization. Google also provides a mobile-friendly test, allowing you to preview the navigation and layout that mobile visitors come across in your website prior to publishing.

It should be as easy and simple as inserting a page URL and looking for a score. Google executes over 5.7 billion searches every day. Google awards websites that are mobile-friendly. So, whenever the visitor’s lookup for certain stuff online, Google will place your site on top of the search results. It does so when your website is responsive, i.e., through mobile optimization. Your website will start enjoying increased visibility at all times.

How It Affects Your Brand

You may not be aware of this issue, but Google tends to penalize websites that aren’t responsive. When Google penalizes your site, your website will automatically start witnessing lower rankings. You have to realize that traffic towards non-responsive websites tends to possess an increased bounce rate. The lower rankings will equal your site receiving lesser traffic.

So, when your website starts garnering lesser traffic, you will have lower prospects to start connecting with. And when you have lesser prospects, you will receive less potential revenue. In the end, when you have lesser revenue, you and your site will have low potential profit. Yes, we are aware that sites can be expensive; however, losing out on all the potential revenue will be double expensive.

What Responsive Web Design Does

Since the screens of smartphones are limited when it comes to space for content, the responsive web design influences companies or businesses to think more about refining and compressing messages in fewer words. The readers will naturally appreciate this tactic because it enables them to obtain quick intel. It also allows the companies to avoid typical site mistakes.

The Bottomline

Responsive web design in Warrington is all about publishing content that allows readers to get straight to the point. The content encapsulates what a specific business does. So, we advise you to turn your non-responsive website into an responsive web design. Here, the reader will take up conversion actions and enjoy a swift experience. Possessing a site that can quickly flex is the key.