Why Your Offline Business Needs a Website

Many offline business owners often wonder whether they really need a website. Being in a business where you interact with customers face to face, does in no way mean, you shouldn’t have a website. Whether you are a real estate broker, a small bistro or a small retail store, a website, from a Manchester web design agency, can do a great deal of good to your business.

Here’s how.

The World is Going Online & A Manchester Web Design Agency Can Help You

More and more people today rely on the Internet to search for products and services in their locality, be it a coffee shop, a massage parlour, or a locksmith.

A couple of decades ago, people relied on the Yellow Pages to find information such as hours of business, address and phone number. Today, most people head online. According to a study by Google, 80% of consumers used search engines for finding local information.

Now is the right time to hire a Manchester web design agency to create a stunning website for your business.

Consumers Prefer Convenience

Consumers Prefer Convenience

You might not be selling products online, but you can reach local customers with an online presence. The same study by Google further found that people were happy to buy locally instead of shopping online if it makes things quicker, if the local store is close by, or if the prices were better.

Consumers today rely on the Internet for the convenience it offers. However, that doesn’t mean they will conduct all their transactions online. If there’s a way to procure a product quickly and conveniently, they might as well shop with you.

Budget Friendly Advertising

Online marketing is highly targeted, economical and highly feasible. You can choose who you want to target based on age, gender, locality and a variety of other factors. Traditional advertising options like TV, radio and print are very expensive. Consequently, they’re not usually in the reach of a small business.

More than Sales

Your website can do a lot more than getting customers to your door. Your website could complement your customer service initiatives. Your website is open to your customers 24 hours a day. Speak to your Manchester web design team about implementing these features.

Your customers can get answers to frequently asked questions and find information they’re looking for without having to visit your store or call your office. This saves time not just for your customers but for your business too.

Take the Next Step

So what are you waiting for?

Simply hire our Manchester web design team to set the ball rolling. We can take care of it all for you from web design, copywriting to SEO. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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