Optimised Website Design Can Dramatically Increase Profits – Top Tips For Your Web Design Project

Web design refers to the process of creating and presenting content (e.g., text, photos and videos) on web pages, which can be accessed by end users with web browsers. Web designers also use the elements of design including layout, colour, graphics, fonts, and content, all of which should ideally be optimised for search engine optimisation and conversion optimisation.

With that being said, you can now easily understand the relationship between optimised website design and increased profits. Keep in mind that optimised website design should be, first and foremost, user-friendly – with easy navigation features that allow them to efficiently find their desired information; with relevant text, audio and video stimuli that encourages visitors to stay longer on the website; and with interactive design to increase active user involvement, among others.

Good First Impressions

Optimised web design makes for favourable first impressions among your target end users. When your web pages have pleasing colours, layout and graphics, among other elements of content, your target viewers are more likely to stay for longer periods of browsing. As your viewers spend more time on your web pages, you have more opportunities to persuade them to perform the desired actions, such as buying products, patronising services, and subscribing to newsletters – and your sales and profits will increase.

Better Overall Content

Easy navigation enhances the shopping experience. Label all products into broad categories and provide drop down menus for the sub categories. It also helps if your visitors can customise their search based on aspects like price, colour and size. A well organised site saves time and helps avoid confusion.

Greater User-friendliness

The heart of effective, efficient and responsive web design is user-friendliness. In fact, Blue Whale Media consider the target users in every step of the process; because if you neglect the usability of your site you risk losing your customers to your competitors.

Think of it this way, too: Your website should both look good and feel good, so to speak, such that users will enjoy a seamless browsing experience. Your target customers/viewers will then be able to find their desired information easily and quickly, thus, encouraging them to spend more time on your website and perform your desired actions. Your business profits will likely increase when your target customers actually buy your products, patronise your services, and refer your website to their own networks.

Tip: Ensure high usability of your website by asking the web design team from Blue Whale Media for a well-planned information architecture, well-formatted content, and effective navigation.

More Effective Crawling

Even when your products and services can offer great value for your target customers, your website should still rank as high as possible on the search engine pages. Keep in mind that the more reliable your website is viewed by target customers (i.e., first rank), the more likely they will click on the link and perform the desired actions.

More importantly, an organised and structured web design increased the efficiency with which search engine crawlers (i.e., bots) will scan and index your website. When the bots can easily index your website and its contents, your website will more likely move up the search engine results.

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