PPC, the Fact and the Fiction – PPC Warrington Tips

PPC or pay per click is one of the most efficient online marketing strategies for a modern entrepreneur. It increases your traffic and helps in positive conversions. But a PPC campaign needs to be intelligently designed by a PPC Warrington web company with experience in online marketing. There are several myths involving PPC marketing which need to be dispelled before you start your PPC campaign.

The Number One Position

It is often believed that the number one position in the organic listing of search engines is enough to give your website the required traffic. But, in reality, if you add a PPC campaign, it allows you to target a broader range of keywords and hence a wider audience exposure.


It is a general belief that putting in a lot of keywords into your PPC account is often considered very useful for traffic generation. You do get traffic out of dumping keywords but these are mostly not qualified traffic. You need to use relevant keywords to benefit from your PPC ads.

Ad Performance

Another common myth involves putting a single PPC ad for your campaign. A PPC Warrington professional will always suggest connecting a few ads in the campaign to be able to capitalise on the best performing ad to help your account to grow.


Are you under the impression that you simply need to pay for your campaign and forget all about it? You are thoroughly mistaken there. A regular monitoring, testing, bid lowering or increasing, turning off and turning on of the ads is required in order to get the best out of your investments.

Quality Score For New Accounts

Another fiction is that the quality scores of your old PPC account can be improved by creating a new account. But, if the new account is built using the same structure of the previous one, the quality scores remain the same. So, ultimately you spend on a new campaign without any effective results. Choose a PPC Warrington company to design your campaign to get value for your money.

If you have understood the relevance and significance of PPC for your business, you have also realised the importance of a PPC Warrington company to run your campaign. We, at Blue Whale Media, have years of experience and a vast expertise in designing effective PPC campaigns. Contact us today and we will be happy to design the perfect marketing strategy for you that will deliver results.

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