How video footage can help your business in 2020

2019 has been the rise of online video footage, from Facebook lengthening the videos it accepts on its platform to Instagram launching IGTV. Video is defiantly the next marketing phenomenon.

Ensuring your business has a plan in place for 2020 is a great way of structuring how you will be making the most out of marketing video footage.

What video footage should your business be looking at creating in 2020?

The answer to this particular question depends what sort of business you are and what branding you have in place. There are so many different forms if footage that can be created and each can be appropriate for your business for different reasons.

I will go through some of the most popular types of footage you can create and the benefits of creating it.


Let’s start with podcasts. Podcast are probably the easiest and cheapest way of creating business footage.

Blue Whale Media does lots of Podcasts which we stream straight to our social media channels. We would recommend you invest in the best equipment if you are looking to go down this route and we have found the Mevo camera is a great tool to use.

Podcasts can be set in two ways, like us you may want to set them up as a two-way conversation with two people discussing a pre-set topic. This can help you plan what you are going to discuss if you are not that great talking of the top of your head. It can also be a great way of settling nerves and making participants feel more comfortable.

The second format could be just you in front of the camera discussing a particular topic or product. This can be a great way to format the podcast if you are looking to go through particulars or create a more sales-based edit.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos can be a great way of letting your customers see into your business in a more controlled manner.

These videos could include walk throughs of your office, where you can show the human side to your business and showcase the working environment that your business champions.

Some companies also choose to do departmental talk though where you can introduce your viewers to your heads of department to explain what their department does and how it can help your viewers.

Explainer Videos

If you have products that you want to promote solely or in a more structured manner than a podcast.

These also may not be a live action video but more of a motion graphic animated video. This allows you to choose your voice over voice and show content on screen for your customers to follow.

Q&A Sessions

Much like a corporate video and explainer video this type of footage can be used for many reasons.

A Q&A video session could be used and published on your website to replace mundane content like a FAQ section. It could be used as an explainer for a product or service. Or it could be used to showcase a person or department. Unlike explainer videos this is live action.

How Blue Whale Media Ltd can help you

With so many options available its valuable to ensure that you are following the right route for your business.

With an amazing in-house videography team with experience in both the UK and New York markets we have a wealth of experience and tips we can share with you.

Give our sales team a call on 01925 552050 or drop them an email today at [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to you! 

Stephanie Sweeney – Operations Director – Blue Whale Media Ltd