Questions To Ask Before Launching An Ecommerce Site – Part 2

In an earlier post, we discussed five questions to ask before launching an ecommerce website. Today, the website design Warrington team, look at five more questions business owners should ask before launching an online store.

What Payment Options Should I Offer?

The purpose of your ecommerce website is to sell your products/services online. You won’t see it happen unless you sort out the payment processing.

What are the modes of payment your ecommerce store will accept? There are several options including credit cards, online banking, PayPal and more. Will the payment options you offer affect sales? Do you require any specific checkout form to process payments?

Ask these and other related questions and check with your ecommerce website design Warrington agency.

How Should I Protect Customer Information?

This is a crucial question to ask. You may have to meet some Payment Card Industry standard norms when accepting payment cards. And not to forget other personal information of your customers such as phone number, email ids and their address. How do you aim to protect such personal information?

Speak to your ecommerce website design Warrington team for help with answering this question.

How Should I Fulfil Orders? Let A Website Design Warrington Agency Help

Once your website starts receiving orders, the next step is to process those very orders and deliver them to your customers. How would you process customers’ orders? How will you fulfil them? Do you have to check your website’s admin dashboard to check for new orders? Would you receive an email after every order? Do you have to pack the product in a box? Will the package require a printed slip? Who will deliver the package?

These questions will help in ensuring that order fulfilment is a breeze. Some of the answers will have to come from your ecommerce website design Warrington team.

How Will I Provide Customer Service?

Your customers may have questions or concerns. They may want to discuss something before placing an order. You want to ensure that your customers are taken great care of and have an awesome experience.

The kind of customer service you offer will make a huge difference. Will you provide a chat option on your site? Will you require a ticket support system or a simple email to your a customer service id would suffice? Discuss such questions with your ecommerce website design Warrington agency.

What More Questions Should I Be Asking?

We hope these questions get you thinking about how to get your ecommerce business on the right track. Hopefully, these questions pave the way for you to ask some more specific, important questions related to your business, target audience and your goals. Be sure you have answered those questions before you kick start your ecommerce store.

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