Questions You Should Ask From Web Design Warrington Professionals

While the professional web design Warrington team of Blue Whale Media have a wide range of experience in the field, clients have the right and responsibility to ask relevant questions before, during and after project completion. Keep in mind that you are not just paying for their services but your company including its brand image, product sales, and industry competitiveness are at stake with the launched website. Here then are a few questions that you should ask from Blue Whale Media professionals. 

Many of these questions are not just applicable to website design and development but also for search engine optimisation, social media and pay per click advertising.

Does Your Staff Have Sales And Marketing Experience?

Our web design Warrington professionals know that one of their jobs is to “sell” the products and services via effective website design. Thus, a background in sales and marketing is a must and our professionals have it, too. We can also perform market research, if necessary, toward an effective website design.

Do The Staff Design The Website For Cross-compatibility?

You should demand that your website looks the same in terms of content, layout and view-ability on all the web browsers (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer). Tests will be conducted to ensure cross-compatibility for all web browsers as well as for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Do You Charge By The Project Or By The Hour?

Talk to our web design Warrington specifics of billing, which can either be by the hour or by the project. We will discuss which plan suits your budget needs and project requirements the best way possible. For example, you may benefit more from a per-project package for more complicated web design projects (i.e., from scratch).

How Will Communication Be Done?

You should be able to easily and quickly contact the staff via emails, phone calls, and chat messaging, among others.

What Is The “Visibility” Of The Website On Search Engines?

Effective web design should work well with search engine optimisation particularly in terms of increasing search engine visibility. The higher your website’s visibility, the greater the chances for putting your website on the map, so to speak.

Do you customise websites?

Our web design professionals can provide two choices in websites, namely, the budget-friendly Woo Commerce package for brands with lesser number of products and the Magento Sites package for companies with over 1,000 products.

Of course, custom design is a must because your e-commerce website is your online presence – the more unique and true it is to your brand, the stronger your presence will be.

Contact our web design Warrington and see where our partnership will take your business! You will find that our excellent services in web design and development trumps the competition and you will soon trump your own competition.

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