How To Be Successful In Email Marketing

Reasons That Make Mailchimp a Top Email Marketing Tool

It doesn’t matter if you already own a business or if you are establishing one. Mailchimp has your back and will act as the backbone of your brand. Mailchimp has everything you require for creating multichannel email marketing campaigns, which reaches your people easily where they are.

Deliver Messages

The customer journey builder feature in Mailchimp helps in mapping out all the personalized experiences. These experiences are based on how the clients are interacting with your company. It does a great job in delivering the correct messages at the right place and time. The customers of Mailchimp will witness a significant increase with automated emails on average compared to the bulk email. There is an increase of 174% in the click rates and 93% in open rates.

Templates That Highlight Your Brand

Regardless of you displaying your products or welcoming new contacts, you can use Mailchimp templates to make your brand look good. You will have access to beautiful templates, which enables your brand to shine with just a simple button click. You will have access to over 100+ templates + designs, which will fit the message you are trying to portray.

Mailchimp has customizable templates, which removes the trouble you have to begin your email from the start. You can pick a layout that fits your brand’s message and utilizes its design tools to create attractive emails. You can also organize the content and insert your style in any way you want to create emails that stand out. It is a simple drag & drop method.

You also can create emails and send them from any place. It will only require a few simple taps in the Mailchimp mobile app. Here, you can work with a pre-designed template from your desktop or pick a new template. Make sure to promote both your images and products that Mailchimp pulls in via your connected shop. You can also be spontaneous and insert images through your camera roll. You can also snap a new one right at the moment.

Reach Out Across Different Channels

With Mailchimp, you get to create, launch, and also measure the incorporated campaigns. You can do so today through these marketing tools:

Email: You can make emails that will assist you in reaching your audience. In this way, you can build your brand.

Landing Pages: You can drive people to join your list. You can also purchase your stuff by having a clear and reliable call to action.

Digital Ads: You can locate new clients for your brand or even retarget customers who previously visited your website.

Social Posts: You can see ads and social posts that are organic for reaching audiences where they hang out.

Postcards: You can also design postcards and send them to people. It will be something that they will hold on to.

Marketing Calendar

You can use the marketing calendar in Mailchimp for organizing your work. It is quite productive as it allows you to have a single clear view of all your campaigns. You can choose its standard plan for scheduling emails and social posts in advance. Users can also preview all of their upcoming campaigns with ease and create changes based on the schedule or content. It enables you to coordinate all the multichannel campaigns present in your dashboard.

Mailchimp’s Simplicity

Mailchimp is immensely popular because of its simplicity. This powerful platform is super easy to use. And so, we recommend you to level up your business by using Mailchimp. You don’t need any technical skills or knowledge to use this tool, all thanks to its simple user interface. It achieved 1st place for the “Best Usability” title on TrustRadius among all the All-In-One platforms for marketing.