What is an office manager?

An office manager is a person in a company who is next in line with the owner/manager who will over see the office duties when the owner and manager are out of the office. The office manager will make sure the office runs smoothly, and that work that is set is being completed.

The main duties of an office manager

In different companies, the office manager will have various roles. Within Blue Whale Media and office manager will over see many different roles. When Blue Whale Media employs a new starter, the office manager will be the one who will show the new employee around the office and fill them in on everything that they need to know, ie, first aid, fire exits, etc. They will also be shown how to use the programmes that they would be using daily. The office manager will also be in charge of approving, declining and keeping up to date on peoples holidays with the office manager being on top of holidays the company/manager will know who is in and out the office so if work needs to be set to a certain member of staff the person setting the work knows the days they will be off and unable to do work on those days.

Being an office manager at Blue Whale Media

Being an office manager at Blue Whale Media, you have to be organized as you may be asked questions on the spot where you may need to know that answers too straight away. It is an enjoyable roll to have, and you learn something new near enough daily. You may need to be aware of what is going on in the office incase you have to inform back to the higher management of the tasks completed. Overall being an office manager at Blue Whale Media, it is an honorable roll to have.

How to be organized

Any office manager in any company will need to be organized and on top of their work load. It is always good to have copies of everything that is given out especially holiday forms as yourself, and the member of staff can keep up to track where they are up to. Having copies or access to work schedules is always a good idea as you know where everyone is up to incase any issues arise you can have access quickly and efficiently. Sending emails to staff members keeping them informed of anything that is coming up, so everyone knows what they need to do/wear on certain days. This is a good idea, so no one is missed and doesn’t get the memo. 

Characteristics and qualities needed.

Individuals have their own characteristics and qualities which some may be better than others at. To be an office manager the individual must be confident and confident in their own work and roll. They mustn’t shy away from issues that may arise but ensure they treat everyone the same. Being organized is the main key, everyone has their own organization skills as long as long as it is organized for you to understand and access quickly if needed.

Advice for anyone thinking of becoming an office manager.

No matter what company you are in if you feel like you are ready to be an office manager and the opportunity arises you should go for the job roll. If you aren’t sure what the roll may include it is always best to ask what it may include making sure you are happy with the roll you will be undertaking. If you think you are ready and confident enough, you should go for the job role and hope for the best.

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