Responsive Design And The Latest Google Update

Still wondering whether you should upgrade to a responsive website? Before you make up your mind, check out the latest news from Google that the web design Warrington team have found. The search engine giant brought new changes to its algorithm on April 21st this year. This update is touted to be the most significant since Penguin and Panda.

Mobilegeddon Is Here And The Web Design Warrington Team Are On The Case

With the latest update, dubbed Mobilegeddon, Google has announced that mobile friendly websites will be given preference in ranking. What’s more, sites that are not responsive might fall in the search results.

The main objective of the update is to enhance user experience. The logic behind it is that more and more people are accessing the Internet primarily on their mobile devices

.Google’s Webmaster Central blog specifies that top priority will be given to websites that can be viewed on smaller screens without having to zoom in or out. The tabs should be spaced properly and appropriately.

Horizontal scrolling and unplayable content is best avoided. Large text and easy navigation is essential for a good ranking on the search engines. Get in touch with a web design Warrington for a responsive website. Whether you need a Wordpress website or an HTML website, a professional service can help.

Responsive Vs Mobile Website

To rank your website well after the latest Google update, you could either design a separate mobile ready website, or invest in a responsive website that works like a charm on all devices. Considering its multiple advantages, responsive design is the better choice in most cases.

There are three important aspects to bear in mind about this latest Google update. First, the update impacts search rankings only on mobile devices. Second, the update affects all languages worldwide. Third, the update affects individual pages and not entire websites.

If investing in a responsive website is not an option at present, make sure the homepage and the main service pages of your website are mobile-friendly. This may help your site in ranking well. Of course, the most effective option is to invest in a responsive website.

Test Your Website’s Responsiveness

Google offers its Mobile Friendly Test to check the responsiveness rating of your website. Even if you have a responsive website, it helps to check if it complies with Google’s responsiveness checklist. After the latest Google update, having a responsive website has become more important than ever before. So, act now. Contact a professional web design company in Warrington today for a responsive website that works for your business.

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