Say No to DIY SEO

Who doesn’t want to rank on the top of the search engine ranking pages (SERPs)? Who doesn’t love a good amount of organic traffic flowing their way? But many are not willing to pay for SEO. Some believe SEO doesn’t work, some don’t have the budget, and there are those who like to make a DIY task out of SEO. But then, there’s a good reason why many people hire an SEO agency.

Who Doesn’t Love DIY?

Everyone has a DIY hobby they love. But SEO shouldn’t be one of those. After all, it’s your business that’s at stake. And one mistake can cost you your rankings. It pays to hire an expert Manchester SEO agency. They know how SEO works, and they can deliver the results you seek. SEO is an evolving process. The search engines are evolving continuously and the rules keep changing. This can become confusing and exhausting very soon. When you hire an SEO agency in Manchester, you are really paying for their expertise. They know how things work and they can make it work for you.

Things Can Go Wrong

Recently, we had a client who wanted us to help with their SEO. As part of the initial audit, we took a look into their site and immediately realised something was wrong. They categorised every page into multiple categories (more than 10 and even 20 in some cases). And they used as many tags too.

But tags and categories are a way of organising your content. Instead, you should be optimising the content, the images, the meta titles and descriptions for results. We fixed those immediately to start with among other things. When you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up doing damage than doing good. When you hire an SEO agency, you can expect them to do work that will help your website in the long run. Nobody can guarantee top positions on the search engines, but when you hire an agency, you can be sure of heading in the right direction. When you take things in your hands, and especially if you do not have much knowledge about SEO, you don’t have that assurance.

We All Need Expert Help

We all can do with expert help. And when it comes to business, we can’t take chances. By doing things we don’t know much about, we are only creating trouble for ourselves in the future. So avoid all such troubles, and get in touch touch with Blue Whale Media to discuss your SEO needs!

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