Which is More SEO Friendly, Wordpress or Foursquare?

One in four websites on the web is built on WordPress. That makes it the most popular CMS out there. However, there are many other alternatives out there including Foursquare. As a leading website design Cheshire agency, we highly recommend WordPress for its user-friendly dashboard and SEO friendly design.

Let’s compare WordPress and Foursquare to see which is more SEO friendly.

Advanced Customisation

WordPress is an open source platform. Anyone can use or modify the software as they see fit to suit their requirements. You can host your WordPress website on any hosting service of your choice. However, this is not the case with Foursquare. So if you are looking for advanced optimisation, Foursquare may not be of much help. You can hire a website design Cheshire agency to customise your WordPress website. For example, many Squarespace users have complained in 2015 about how difficult adding meta description tag is. Doing this is a breeze in WordPress. Simply install a good SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO and you can easily add meta description to your page.

URL Issues

Sometimes, search engine bots find two URLs for the same page in a Squarespace website.

For instance:

www.yourwebsite.com/about is seen as one URL while www.yourwebsite.com/about/ is seen as another. In such cases, the bot assumes that this is duplicate content.

Squarespace seems to add a trailing / to links in the navigation menu. However, the trailing / is not added if you insert a link in the body of content. Essentially, Squarespace tells the search engine bots something, and tells the sitemap something else, while the navigation is told something entirely different. This confuses the bots and can cause a lot of trouble for your website. WordPress, however, does not have such issues. In fact, it’s so cleanly coded that such URL issues do not crop up at all. Moreover, you can customise the URL of each page. This means that you have complete control over how the URL looks.

Content Creation

WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform. Content creation is one of its several strengths. And we all know how important content is for SEO. WordPress has been built for fast, effortless and continual content publishing. You can scale your WordPress blog quickly and efficiently.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Foursquare is essentially good for SEO. However, WordPress is way better. Being an open source platform, WordPress gives you complete freedom. Contact Blue Whale Media today for high-quality WordPress website.

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