SEO Practices that can Ruin Your Website Rankings

If you thought that all SEO is good SEO, nothing could be farther from the truth. Bad SEO practices are a reality, and if you are indulging in such practices, it can prove really fatal for your website’s search rankings. So what is bad SEO? Any practices that are outdated, unethical or out of bounds per Google webmaster guidelines are considered bad. If a professional SEO Warrington agency is not taking charge of your SEO, you need to be extra careful. Here’s a look at some such practices that could badly hurt your rankings.

Keyword Stuffing

True, Google wants to deliver relevant results for a given search. However, if your content is stuffed with keywords and is really thin on useful content, your website is not going to go far. How so? Your visitors will be dejected when they come across thin content that’s fully of rubbish sentences that make no sense and confuse them instead of providing information. They will bounce off your website sooner than they landed. Search engines will soon learn when a website tricks visitors to land only to bounce off soon. The best practice is to mention keywords in your title, description, first paragraph and once or twice in the remaining text, naturally. If the keyword doesn’t fit in the text or doesn’t flow naturally, avoid using it. As your SEO Warrington agency, we create optimised content that works for you and not against you.  

Paid Backlinks

Shortcuts do not last for long and eventually, you will have to pay the price. That holds true for buying inbound links. Google clearly states that buying links is a bad practice and it will come to know of it sooner or later. And that’d be the end of your good rankings. So be sure to build your popularity on the back of ethical backlinks

Lots of Outbound Links

If you thought only outbound links could be bad, think again. Your website might be treated as a link farm if there are too many outbound ‘nofollow’ links. It’s best to use the ‘nofollow’ tag for any links in comments, ads and websites you do not completely trust.

Slow Website

If your website takes any more than 7 seconds to load, or is unavailable for long periods of time (owing to a bad hosting service), you are at the risk of losing your rankings. Be sure to choose a reliable hosting service that can guarantee 99.99% uptime. And invest in a good quality, mobile friendly, cleanly coded and quick loading website.


It is important to follow good SEO practices. Quality matters more than quantity. So be sure to hire a reliable SEO Warrington agency and invest in clean and good SEO practices for lasting results. Contact Blue Whale Media today for high quality SEO service.

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