What is a Sitemap? How does it Help My Website?

A table of contents helps you find the right information in a book. A sitemap works exactly on the same principles. It provides the visitor a list of pages on your website. It is like a map that can help the visitor determine what information is available on each of the pages on a website. In other words, it is a useful tool that helps your website’s visitors navigate through your website. Your web design Warrington team can organise the resources available on your website in a neat list.

Your Sitemap Is A Blueprint Of Your Website

The first thing you do when you tell your web design Warrington team to build your website is give them a basic structure of how your website will look. This is nothing but your sitemap.

It does not matter whether you provide detailed explanation. Your web design Warrington team will convert your ideas into a typical flow chart type of structure. This paves the way for an organised effort in website creation.

Benefits Of A Sitemap

Sitemaps are an important step in website creation. They serve many functions including:

Planning – A sitemap helps you plan your website. You can determine the pages and their content. Moreover, you can easily make changes to the sitemap as and when required.

Content – The content developer can easily understand what content to write. The sitemap gives your web design Warrington team the right direction.

Prioritise – Your sitemap helps you rate the pages in order of priority.

Marketing Strategies – Your business marketing strategies can get a good impetus if you have a good sitemap in place. In fact, when you hire a web design Warrington team, making a sitemap is one of the first things you will need to do.

Development And Maintenance Support With Help From A Web Design Warrington Agency

The most important thing that works in favour of hiring a professional Warrington Web Design website building team is that you can feel less stressed about the website maintenance part. It is not enough to build a website and leave it there. You need to constantly update, make changes and adhere to compliance rules. Moreover, you may want to expand your website services from product information to sales and services.

Sitemaps And SEO

Sitemaps are just as useful in helping your website rank better on search engines.

Google, for example, uses software known as web crawlers. The web crawlers use the sitemap of a website to get the relevant results when searching. The sitemap of your website informs the search engine about the individual pages of your website.

This helps the search engine identifying and ranking your website for relevant searches by the web user.

A sitemap makes it easier for visitors and the bots to reach your website faster. Make yours today! Contact Blue Whale Media for an awesome website for your small business.

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