The Top Foolproof Ways of Making Your Website Accessible?

Making their website accessible for all is the goal of the expert designers from Web design Warrington and many contemporary web designers. Everyone wants to attract as many traffic as they can to their respective sites. However, there are necessary steps you need to follow in order to achieve it. So, if you want to achieve the high-quality designs like that of Web design Warrington, here are the ways to achieve it.

Make the Design Keyboard-Friendly

The website should be accessible even without using the mouse. Many of the assistive technology for persons with disabilities have keyboard navigation only, and it is important to make the site accessible to them. The design should be friendly with the Tab key. It is the most commonly used key for navigation. Buttons, links, and forms should be accessible using the Tab key.

You can easily test your web design when you access it without using the mouse. You can also use the designs from Web design Warrington as a point of reference.

Make the Content Accessible for All

There are plenty of content management platforms out there, and it is hard to choose the right one. Wordpress and Drupal are two of the most famous platforms now. Once you choose the platform that you like, choose a theme that is easy to access as well.

One way to check if the theme is accessible or not is to check how the theme was created and which platforms the theme is compatible with.

Make use of Headers

Another way to make your site more accessible is to use headers to bring structure to the content of your site. However, it is also important to use headers correctly. When you do this, it will make the content much easier to read and understand. It will make the site look much smoother as well. If you are having a hard time visualising how a good header looks like, you can check the designs from Web design Warrington.

Use Captions for All Images

You must create captions for all the images and videos you have on the site. Having captions help people who are visually challenged. It helps them understand what the content is all about. Plus, most of the screen readers are not able to read videos or images

Choose the Right Colour Scheme

The colours you choose should create a contrast between your content and the other elements of the site. You should also not forget to make the text pop. It makes the content easier to read. Furthermore, the colours should not bleed onto each other, and avoid colours with the same hues.

Do not Use Automatic Settings

Allow the user the freedom to change the settings while exploring the site. Other individuals may need a longer learning curve to navigate through the website. So, be sure to turn off the automated settings of the design. It is also best to check other web designs for reference.It will help you get a general idea of what an optimised site should look like.
Have your site designed for optimised accessibility. Focus on the areas that need improvement. It does not only benefit you but the users of your site as well.

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