Thirsty Monster Video Animation

When Charlotte Smedley, the founder of Thirsty Monster approached us to create the website, she had one request that she was keen about. She wanted an animation video explaining the concept of Thirsty Monster.

Ever ready for a challenge, we took her request head on and let our creative juices flowing. The result is a cool animation that explains the Thirsty Monster approach in just about a minute.

About Thirsty Monster

Thirsty Monster is essentially a mobile phone application that seeks to connect bars with customers who are looking for the services they offer. Let’s say, John Doe, a tourist is in London for a holiday, and is looking for a fun night out watching his favourite football team playing while drinking his favourite ale. But he is not sure which bar sells his favourite ale while streaming his team’s match live.

Enter Thirsty Monster.

John Doe simply chooses his preferences on the Thirsty Monster app and clicks on the search button.

And now he gets to choose the sports bar that meets his requirements.
How cool is that!

The Animation

The video animation pretty much describes the above scenario in a fun way. It is fun, colourful and makes it easy to understand how Thirsty Monster works.

The very first step was to define the characters. We set out to create two monster characters that perfectly blend in with the brand name “Thirsty Monster”. We gave the characters a profile – tourists, couple, with specific tastes. They are looking to watch a particular football match, while sipping at their favourite glass of dram.

The video begins with a taxi dropping them off in happening place in town. With a map in hand, they enter every bar that comes their way to check if it screens the football match while also serving a pint of their favourite drink. The video goes on to show their frustration at finding that the bars either serve their favourite drink or screen their favourite match, but not both.

One of them pops out their smartphone and opens up the Thirsty Monster app, enters their search criteria and within moments, they find a sports bar that meets their requirements.

We are proud of the end result, and were delighted to know our client simply loved our work.

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