Three Tips For A Stunning Website Design From Our Warrington Website Design Team

Looking to create a stunning website for your small business? Take care of some of the crucial elements of a great website design, and you have a winner of a website. Understanding these elements will come handy when you are in discussions with your Warrington website design team finalising things.

Here’s a look at three essential elements of a stunning website.

Hold Your Visitor’s Eyeballs

Extensive studies and heat map evaluation of visitor behaviour has helped determine the way visitors read content on their screens. Website visitors scan a website from left to right and from top to bottom.

Play with colours, shading, font size and the size of images to create a powerful visual hierarchy on your website. This will ensure that your visitors scan the items that are most important first. If you’ve hired an experienced Warrington website design agency like Blue Whale Media, you can rest easy.

When you realise where your visitors will look first on your website, (second, third, last and so on), you can place your content accordingly. Want your visitors to look at your latest offer? Put it on that part of the screen where they’ll look first.

Have a stunning photograph of your product? Ask your Warrington website design agency to place it in a prime spot.

Use White Space To Your Advantage

A clean looking website design with a clear message has a huge impact. Clear the clutter, and stay to the point. You might be tempted to fill up every inch of screen space with image, text and lot more. However, the rule of thumb is – less is more. White space, aka negative space is much more powerful than a congested design.

Website visitors respond positively to clean looking websites. In fact, when you leave a lot of white space, communicating one vital message becomes easy. So identify the one message you want to communicate to your visitors, and use white space to your advantage.

Discuss this with your Warrington website design team for best results.

Choose Colours Well

Colours create a strong visual impact and affect the way your visitors respond to your message. Vibrant shades will fill your website with a lot of energy, whereas dark colours and complementing colours create a relaxed atmosphere.

Your Warrington website design agency will use colours to attract the attention of visitors. Nothing creates impact like contrasting colours. Use them when you want to make your visitors click a button.

Not sure which colours are right for you? Our Warrington website design team will be more than happy to assist. Contact us today on 01925 552 050 to schedule your free consultation.

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