Tips for Choosing the Right Colours for Your Website

Have you noticed your spirits lifting up in colourful surroundings?

Depending on the colours you see, you may experience irritation, joy, excitement, or an utter sense of calm. Colours do seem to impact our moods, which is why it is important to choose the right colours for your website.

The right colours create a positive impact on visitors, which increases audience engagement and conversions. A professional Liverpool web design company is aware of the importance of colours in web design, and uses them to engage visitors and facilitate conversions.

Here are some tips to make the colours on your website your brand ambassadors.

Use Colours that Represent your Brand – Top Tip From The Liverpool Web Design Team

The colours you use on your website must be consistent with those you use offline. You may be employing multiple marketing platforms for your business. If you are using starkly different colours for different media, there is the risk of losing your brand identity.

A consistent colour scheme creates a sense of familiarity, which puts your visitors at ease. Colour consistency helps deliver a seamless brand experience across all channels of communication, including websites.

Employ Wise Colour Combinations

The way you use different colour combinations can influence the way your visitors respond.

For instance, you can grab visitors’ attention to an important aspect on the page (say, information about a purchase discount), using contrasting colours.

If you are unsure, use dark text against light background. An expert Liverpool web design team can prove valuable as it uses its knowledge of colours to create aesthetically impressive pages that urge visitors take the desired action.

Do not Compromise User-Friendliness

Colours are an essential part of a website, but, they should not affect your site’s user-friendliness. If you are using a colour combination that is sure to affect readability, avoid it at all costs. Your website should also be sensitive to the needs of people who cannot identify some colours.

Be Culture-Conscious

If you are in a business that has global customers, it is crucial to understand the significance of colours in different cultures. For example, the colour red may be symbolic of passion in some countries while some countries may see it as a colour of caution and danger.

You can use colours to increase your brand value and customer experience. A Liverpool web design company with hands-on experience on using colours can help you achieve your online objectives.

At Blue Whale Media, we leverage the psychology of colours to send across your brand message to visitors through your website. Trust us to create value for you through colours.

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